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Week 7 its serious!

Well completed 6/3 on Sunday and purposely didn't look at week 7 as I had a hunch it was going to get harder....I was right.

No more nice catch your breath walks just 5 min warm up and 25 mins running all week I had a sinking feeling but thought I`d give it a go.

Well I slowed to a walk at 20 minutes and was really peed off with myself, so much so I punished myself with 15 minutes of running/sprinting !! So I ache more today.

Roll on tomorrow, this time I`m going to take my stubborn head and try again.

On the bright side, its better than sitting watching TV for 20 minutes so all is not lost, just a reality check :)

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I found week 7 r1 really hard.. which is odd as week 6 r3 is the same and i found this okay! I think its just the psychological thing of... this is it... no more lovely walking bits... :-(

It was better for w7 r2 though, and I'll let you know how r3 goes tonight!!


Sounds like 20+15 minutes is harder than 25 minutes - especially if some of it was sprinting :O ! (My legs don't even know what sprinting is.) maybe be a bit kinder to yourself! :)


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