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W2R1 feeling ok

Well said goodbye to W1 wasn't that bad towards the end, I did start off thinking 'ill never do this' but slowing down and running in the day certainly helped.

Began W2 today but had trouble downloading my W2 podcast, I was determined to go as my son was at nursary thismorning so just redid W1 pressing pause at the end of the runs and walks then counting an extra 30 seconds. Concentrating on this made the time go really quickly but I forgot to turn around half way through and ended up with a 15 min walk back to the car!!!

Did I do one run too many following W1? Because the last one was a killer, felt like it really shouldn't have been there.

Still drove out to hide in the country side, good job as my dog keeps crossing in front of me, we look really silly jostling for position, also my 'fireman Sam' water bottle jumped out of my pocket into the long grass/prickly bushes,

Passed a lot of runners (proper runners) and bikers, they were sooooo friendly giving me a smile and wave as we jogged by, made me think 'I want to be just like them'

I've quit everything, I'm not quitting this, I'm ready to be fit, bring it ON.

I think my brisk walking pace is faster than my jog!!!!!!

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I'm sure most peoples brisk walk is faster than my jog, but I think I'm going fast and occasionally I manage to overtake someone walking! ;-) Keep going you are doing brilliantly (I know what you mean about dogs sides, bless them, wait till he spots a rabbit!) Good luck with your next run :-)


Yes my dogs a complete loopy loo, she's a bit skitty keeps looking behind her as if someone's going to jump out behind us!! Not used to running on the lead, well not used to running full stop, wood walks are us ?


Well done you ... I'm just behind having done W1R3 this morning. Heck, I was beginning to think it was just me finding it tough after years of couch.... Then today was the first to e I completed all the runs, did a longer warm-down walk to get home and had some breath to spare! Was wondering about doing this exercise a few more times to consolidate and build confidence ... What do you think? Well done for improvising with podcast - think mine's ok. Seeya later at graduation ;) Linda X


Hi Linda, well done to you too, it is a nice feeling knowing you've got at least 1 week under your belt, my first run was terrible I was really out of breath, felt giddy everything. Followed some good advice about drinking plenty of water and eating a little and it seems to have helped, oh and going in the daytime with things to look at also helped,

Did you mean you wanted to do a few more W1 runs? Try W2 give it a go if not go back, a longer walk at the end felt good for me too, wasn't so red in the face and light headed when I got back to the car!

Mind you look below, I knew that W2 felt hard xx


Typo - shd be ... First time I completed ... Apols :)


Lovely blog, made me laugh - especially fireman sam jumping into the prickles! Well done for adapting the minutes - I think, unless I've misunderstood, you did eight lots of 1 1/2 minutes instead of six lots! So well done! :D

Week one

Begin with a brisk 5-minute walk, then alternate 60 seconds of running and 90 seconds of walking, for a total of 20 minutes.

Week two

Begin with a brisk 5-minute walk, then alternate 90 seconds of running with 2 minutes of walking, for a total of 20 minutes.


Hi greenlegs, I knew it!! That last run really felt it shouldn't have been there, god I feel really proud of myself now then, but also a little silly, my phone had ran out of data allowance and I wasn't going to drive all the way home just to download it. All done now though so will not be making the same mistake x


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