The end of the Don't fall in Fall Quest πŸπŸ‚πŸπŸ‚

The end of the Don't fall in Fall Quest πŸπŸ‚πŸπŸ‚

There will be a new Quest starting on Monday, this one is kindly being run by Ju-Ju, it's her first one so it would be nice for us all to support her. I need to do it as its over the Christmas period and a bit of structure will be good for me.

As promised here is the first Quest certificate. You can download it, print it or just look at at. I thought if we had something that we could keep it would help. Every quest there will be a new one so you could end up with a collection of quest images. I have tried to design it so it still looks good even if you don't print it off and put your name one. I am going to start an album on my iPad where I can collect my certificates. If you print them off be sure to write your achievements on the back.

It's totally up to you if you have done enough to earn it. I realise I put the six week on the certificate but if you were late joining don't worry you can still of earned it. I personally think if you have been interacting with this forum for the time you have earned it, even if you've been struggling with things like injury, weather or mojo because it shows you still have a dedication to running and are doing everything you can. Some might like to make it a bit more draconian for themselves , that is totally up to yourselves. The most important thing is you make the certificates a positive thing whichever way you want to view "your carrot", and if it's not your thing at all feel free to totally ignore it πŸ˜€.

For those who are new to digital images.

iPad, iPhone, tablets. Press on the image with your finger until it says save and then save it.

For lap tops and desktops right click the image and press save and then choose where to save it to.

I hope you like it.

Rfc X.

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28 Replies

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  • Well my Quest has been a bit all over. Started with an injury from a ladder, then had an arthritis attack, worst one I have had since I started running probably stress related, then have got back to form. Apart from the recovery from injury I have kept going out there and am now getting back to form. The sad thing is the whole of summers speed training has been wiped out. I don't mind as long as I'm still out there at least I now know I can go faster so I will start to build up again. Hope your quests have gone well.

  • Huge well done for keeeping on getting out. I find speed is such a tricky one.. I did lots of work in the summer to get quicker and I have now slowed right down. I'm just mulling over ideas for the Christmas one...β˜ƒοΈ

  • How about mulling over ideas for the Christmas one over mulled wine? :)

  • That looks brilliant RFC! Love it! Thank you so much for doing this for us.

    My quest has been a bit hit and miss. I did manage to run quite a bit on the road rather than trail so that's a tick.

    I didn't do more speed work or hills as I'm still not right after the first and I'm still having niggles with my orthotics ☹️

    I did reasonably well with drinking healthy smoothies and that's a habit now ingrained so I'm happy with that one.

    So, on balance not bad.

    Have a great weekend everyone x

  • Wow ! This is amazing , you are so clever !

    The design and the idea behind it is great . Love it !

    Not really done too well on this Quest with my Mam being so ill and then getting the dreaded lurgy , but I did manage to get out twice this week ( 2 x 5k) and I am on Day 5 of the Glutes Challenge . I am back on the healthy grub after having had to grab what I can , when I can at the nursing home , and I am doing lots of walking again .

    Thankyou so much for doing this Realfoodieclub and looking forward to ju-ju- s new Quest on Monday :-) xxx

  • I think I am turning into Forrest Gump. I ran to city centre Wednesday about 6K to meet up with ex work mates and donate blood.

    When I got off the train home I saw incline from platform to road (about 150 metres) and I ran up it.

    Do I need to see a shrink ?

  • I do that now Joe, have a sprint here and there, through my running club turns out I maybe a better sprinter than distance runner..

  • I think I am going to claim it :)

    "My aim is to improve my stamina to make the Park Runs a bit easier. So mix and match the 5K+ and Bridge podcasts three times a week."

    I have been doing this, as posted on Bridge to 10K, I managed 6.96km on Wednesday so really pleased with that, regretting not doing just one more lap of the flower bed though!

    Only fitted in one Park Run but did manage a run on holiday.

    It does look as though today will be my first unscheduled missed run since I started C5K, due to the snow.

  • I have copied it into my Running Blog.

    I started the blog in order to keep a record of my journey, mostly copying the posts I have made on this forum to keep them all together

  • Well done! Snow! What's that!?😁

  • Lovely certificate RFC, you're very talented. Such bad news that you've been ill during this quest. Let's hope it's all over and done with now.

    Personally my quest was a success *AM whispers "10k" very quietly but very very happily* (have to whisper because my family are sick of me going on about it!!) Think I'll definitely be taking a copy of this certificate xx

  • My quest was successful! My aims were to run twice a week, try parkrun and increase distance from 5k towards 10k.

    I mostly got out twice a week and felt very guilty if I didn't. I did a couple of parkruns which were fun. I have got up to 7k distance (yesterday) so need to maintain this. Yes I am happy with my achievement!

  • Wow that is amazing!! I'd better get designing the Christmas one..l!!! I love it...

  • Thank you RFC, I will take it, even though I didn't join in till the last couple of weeks. I WAS running but just feeling a bit glum with all the rotten health stuff I've had (still having), and didn't really feel very chatty. It's been a difficult quest for me, the yearly transition from France to UK always knocks me for six, and a chest infection on top didn't help. Some kind of weird thyroid problem is still being investigated... Still, I've managed to build up a bit of stamina again, my longest run was eight and a half KM, so not too bad!

  • Sadly not done my quest as I had a further running injury last week - To my hip this time (the opposite leg to my bad calf ) so back on the injury couch yet again! I think this is more about learning to rest rather than run!

  • Oh no, sorry to hear that! I hope you feel better soon.

  • Thank you parseraisin I tried a run yesterday but every step was painful so only managed 1k. More rest it is!!

  • Yes, HilaryC rest sometimes truly is best. When I was on the couch, I noticed that I was able to speed walk within the appropriate HR range after I healed a bit, and to cover a comparable distance to running. I found it does not satisfy the ego the way running does, but you might keep it in mind. I believe you can keep fitness up, even while walking.

    Good luck!

  • This is really good Realfoodieclub

    Do you know what would be a really good idea? To have a virtual certificate for achieving Couch to 5K.

    Now I have managed web pages and been on various committees so I know when someone says "we should do/have/go to , etc" they often mean "someone else should organise this for me" so I am willing to have a go at creating one if you like (equally happy to let someone else do it if there is already a template available somewhere)

  • That sounds like a great idea, I will direct message you. πŸ˜€

  • I think I said I'd run twice a week in order to fit in gym time as well. I didn't run twice every week, a couple of weeks it was just once, but I have been back to the gym and resumed my weights programme. This week I did run twice. So maybe I can partly claim the certificate....

  • Happy with my quest considering taken a bit off track by moving home (Easier to go to moon and back).

    Got back to doing 6K and 40 minutes running. Managed to squeeze in a 3rd day of running this week and conquered my fear of hills. Got no choice since run back home from canal and lake is back up that hill.

    Still not getting my core exercises done as planned but fitted in a couple.

    Today done 3rd run of week 35 minutes and fraction over 5K and got all way up hill. Set out a bit later 10.30 to make sure rain and showers had finished. Freezing cold this morning. Teeth were literally "Chattering". Not had pleasure of that experience in ages! Started a bit further down hill about 3/4 to avoid slipping on leaves. find it easier to get a better footing uphill with less fear of slipping. took route up and down canal to avoid leaves and dodging dog walkers on lake. Thankfully no showers or rain.

    Just have to see shrink to make sure I'm not getting "Forrest Gumpitus". Starting to get sudden urges to run everywhere !!

  • I think I probably won't claim rights to a certificate (lovely idea though, thank you) In some ways I did achieve my chief aim for the Quest which was to do my 'morning' yoga session at least 5 days out of the 7 each week ie to re-embed it as a habit. But I feel as though I am not quite there with the spirit of it.

    And everything else was a bit disappointing... for reasons I understand. The first I achieved (running without Google) wasn't something I ever wanted to need to (mighty glad she can come with me again)

    Tell you what though, I've finally (after years and years and years of knowing it needed doing) filled in a PIP claim form for my younger son and will be sending it off tomorrow. I'd claim a bottle of champagne and a large piece of cake and a huge blingy medal for that... except that we have a gruesome meeting about his education tomorrow and I have another similar form to fill in for something else, and then there is whether he will be called for a face to face assessment and so on and so on.

  • Fab idea to do a certificate ! Quite pleased with this quest. Managed 3 runs most weeks and the weeks that I didn't it was for real reasons, as opposed to "just can't be bothered". Sleep pattern still not good :-( so will keep it as a thing for next quest.

    Saturday I did my longest run for ages - 14k ! I also did 5k on Friday evening, giving me 19k in a 24 hour period which is a record. I would not normally do 2 consecutive days as I don't think in general its good for my knees, but my HM plan wanted me to do it - I assume as part of building towards doing the longer distance all in one. Pleasantly surprised to have no ill effects.

  • This is a great certificate RFC, thank you so much!

    I am going to claim my quest I think:

    Complete a Parkrun βœ”οΈ

    knee strengthening exercises daily...done these most daysβœ”οΈ

    Finish reading 'Fit to Run βœ”οΈ

    Extend up to 6k βœ”οΈJust the once at the moment with a bit of run/ walk for the final 1k but getting there!

    Run 3 times a week Sadly life events due to family health issues and A spell on IC resulted in not completing this aim mid quest, but I am back on it now.

    I've really found the quest idea motivating for me. I have a few aims ready to join the next one πŸ˜ƒπŸƒπŸΌβ€β™€οΈ

  • Great certificate, thank you! I am downloading mine as I have run 5K, and got to parkrun, eventually! Looking forward to the next quest.

  • Love the certificate! Thank you. Not sure I can claim it, I lost a week to the worst cold ever, but I did end the final day with a run, and it was the best in a long while, so...

    I was able to get up and run again this quest, which was by no means certain at the beginning. My injured calf is still very tender at the end of a long day or run, but getting stronger. More worryingly, my hips are still so tight. It seems I can't stretch enough to keep them loose. I suspect, it is all of the sitting I do for work that is the problem, rather than the running. Or maybe just that I am getting older!

    In any case, on to the next quest, which will take me into the final quarter of my second year running! Whoo Hoo!

  • Glad you are up and about again! Well done on the running!

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