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I ran in daylight!

So proud of myself. Not only have I survived W3R1 but I did it in daylight! Admittedly, I left my specs at home (by mistake) and I worked on the premis that if all I could see were blurs, the blurs couldn't see me, but it worked for me. I was very nervous about running for 3 minutes but I managed it . It took some talking to myself to keep going but I am now glowing with pride and endorphins.

I was professional smoker and I'm beginning to feel as chuffed with myself for persevering with this running lark as I was when I finally succeeded in giving up smoking. yippee!

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Ooh, how lovely! I really like the idea that if I can't see them, they can't see me! :)


Fantastic well done to you for completing run and doing it in daylight. You should be really chuffed with yourself :-)


O boy, I certainly am. Now I have to work towards wearing my glasses!


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