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Long Days Night

I'm new to the Couch to 5k forum but really glad something like this exists! I am about to start Week 3 and am not losing motivation as such but the weather and long work days seem to have it in for me!

I never thought that I would take up running as an exercise activity, let along for actual enjoyment! Yet I have really enjoyed the programme so far, I did do an extra week of Week 1 and am due to run W3R1 but am a little scared about making the jump to 3 minutes of running.

I've been a member of Slimming World also since November and the running has definitely given me an extra goal, as my plan is eventually to be able to run a half marathon (grand plans I know). I'm starting off small, have been losing the weight steadily and am enjoying having new muscles in my arms and legs. My first goal is to run a 5k race by early summer.

The cold weather has been getting to me though. I have a weakness in my left knee/ankle due to several dislocations and as i'm often running outside in the dark I am very aware about the crepitus (clicking/crunching sounds) and whether it's stable enough. My knee and ankle have undergone a good amount of physiotherapy rehabilitation and (touch wood) have been okay, but am wondering if anyone has any tips with regard to building the muscle bulk up around your knee, core stability and running techniques to prevent injury?


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I don't know so much about exercises etc (but I'm sure others will), but making that I stick to going slowly has worked well for my knees. Mine have always been clicky, although no major problems, and they've been fine so far (to week 8) - though if they'd started playing up I think I'd have repeated weeks to build up gradually. I do make an effor to place my feet carefully, below my centre of gravity and landing on the midfoot, as I've read that this causes less stress on the knees, and it seems to be working.


*making sure that


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