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Week 4

I did the first run of week 4 yesterday and I finally feel like I'm really running again!

Even though I'd done the whole program before and therefore knew it was possible, week 4 was a scary thought and I even put it off by doing a 4th run of the week 3 podcast! But once I got into it, it just felt so natural to be running more than I was walking. And my legs felt like they had a proper workout too. Even though it has taken almost a month to get back into running, I'm glad I decided to start C25K from the beginning instead of jumping straight back into 30minute runs because I probably wouldn't have been so successful with that!

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Good for you for getting back to the programme, Istin! It sounds like you made the right decision re where to restart the programme. No point in trying to do too much and discouraging yourself. Good luck. :)


Enjoy being back! :)


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