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Motivate Me for week 4!

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I'm very head in the sand about the fact I've read week 5 really steps things up, mainly because I'm about to start week 4 and that looks scary enough! I've done so well up until now - I've done a run every other day since week 1 run 1, and I don't want to let it slip. Week 3 completed. I can do this! Can't I?!! I don't really want to repeat a week yet, not without even trying the next one! Send motivation please!

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What is (or was) your motivation for doing C25K?

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SweatyTulipGraduate in reply to John_W

Increase fitness, lose weight (C25k alongside improved healthy diet), to be able to pop out for a half an hour run for exercise rather than having to traipse to a gym....

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John_WAmbassador in reply to SweatyTulip


There's the motivation that you were asking for 😎

I have just finished week 5, and when checking out what was in store I gave myself zero chance of making it, and yet somehow I did it. If anything the 1st 2 runs went really well, wk5 run 3 was toughest one yet, but I hung on in there and somehow managed it, if very slowly 🐌

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They are ALL Just another run or week .And if you completed the previous one you WILL be ready for the next !

Embrace the challenge and trust the program 😁

I asked similar questions about week 6 - everyone said - just do it. So I got over the stage fright and did it. You can too!

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You can absolutely do it! Keep your head in the sand! You don't need to think about it. The programme works.

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Thanks all. I've just been for a walk with the dog to check out a new route. I'm going to go for it first thing tomorrow 😬 Get it over and done with before work! 🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻

Perhaps this FAQ Post about mental approach will help

Relax and enjoy it.

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You definitely have got this you’ve followed the program done the runs don’t listen to the doubting gremlins in your mind. You are ready for this happy running and we want to know how it goes

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The program works - if you've done every run to date, then you're ready for week 4. And if you compete week 4, your body will be ready for week 5. You just have to manage your head!

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You can do this, you can do anything you set your mind to. We all have these internal arguments, don't do it today, stay in, your tired, no time, can't be bothered, etc against, you got this, think of how good you feel when you've done it in mind and body, health benefits, fresh air, seeing things you might not have seen, I could go on. The benefits of over coming the negative side of internal argument will always be worth it. And if you have to or feel you need to repeat a run, so what, the thing is, your out and doing which is far more than you were doing four weeks ago! Get running clothes on, get trainers on and hit that next run with positive vibe, I got this 👍🏃‍♀️

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Kirst13Graduate in reply to Kimikins

I know for most people there is no need repeat a week, but if you do, just think of it as consolidating a week. I repeated week 1 six times, but I was out and running (just about!). I repeated other weeks too and then from week 5 moved on each week and have now run a couple of 10k.

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All of the above and more. The programme is amazing, I completed it in 2019, went on to run 5k twice a week. I then got a trapped nerve , not from running I might add, and had almost a year not running. Came back earlier this year and followed the programme from day one again and I'm now running 5k every three or four days.When I started the programme I hadn't run for 30 years, I went through all the same doubts you are having but trust me and the programme you can do it .

All the best 👍

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Well, I did it!!! I definitely wouldn't say I'd got the "running bug"but I was almost excited when I went to bed last night. I think that was the idea of getting it over and done with, but whatever, it worked! I was out running at 7.15 this morning. Even borrowed my husband's hi-vis top so would wager I looked like I knew what I was doing.... Hiding in plain sight, is how he sold it to me! Anyway, I managed all the runs, and feel fantastic for being exercised, showered and sat at my desk in time for work. Thank you all for the advice. I was thinking "trust the programme" as I ran!

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Devon_stragglerGraduate in reply to SweatyTulip

If you have managed W4R1, you will be ok with W5 - W4 is a much bigger step up than W5 is if you look at the increase in running time. For me, W4R1 was the hardest run of the whole experience, I was almost running on the spot for the final run section! Just keep trusting the programme, go out with a 'can-do' attitude and I think your body will keep amazing you :)

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SkiMondayGraduate in reply to SweatyTulip

Congrats on completing your run SweatyTulip (interesting name, that!)

For what it's worth, if I'm daunted by a run, I've found that doing it at a nice easy pace helps me.

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SweatyTulipGraduate in reply to SkiMonday

Yeah, this name thing is very bad! I think it started on another forum when I was literally looking round the kitchen on a hot day, when all of my suggested names had "already been taken". Didn't think that one through and need to address this asap!

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I really don’t know why people look at what’s coming, stay in the present it’s just a run get out plug in and follow the instructions simple! Don’t think too hard warm up and follow the plan, don’t question just follow the plan thousands have and by golly it works, go on off you go 🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️

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Devon_stragglerGraduate in reply to Wavy-chick28

For me it was helpful to know what was coming so that I could mentally prepare for it, and break it down into 'it's only x number of x minutes, you've done similar total time/run length etc before'. I know that some people get daunted by it, but I think I would have found it harder to be surprised as I started running.

You CAN do it. I, like you, were nervous about week 4. I completed it yesterday and due to start week 5 tomorrow. If I can do it anyone can. I have faith my coach will get me through it. Stay positive, good luck

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I never read what's coming! I have just done run 1 week 5.It was ok, doable. The hardest part for me is getting out the door but once I've switched the app on I just go with it.

I always feel good afterwards and chuffed I've managed another run. You can do it!

SweatyTulip profile image

PS been glowing with my success all day. This will motivate me for w4 R2! Thanks all.xx

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