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Week 5 R3 due Weds! Might repeat R2?

Due to do Week 5 Run 2 tonight and then Run 3 - the big one on Weds night after work. Weds will be a 14 hour day with commute so I really think I'll struggle? therefore I think I'll do Run 2 tonight and again on Weds for a second time or rest even.

This will mean I can do Run 3 early on Friday morning as I am (hopefully) working from home. If not I can do Sat AM.

Am I being sensible or defeatist?

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Maybe you are trying to put it off?? You wouldn't be the first! :) Why not just wait and see how you feel on Wednesday and decide then; you may be pleasantly surprised at how well your body can respond :)



I found that w5r3 was more mentally challenging than physically. Once you've got passed the first 10 minutes the next 10 seem to go by a lot easier. If you're thinking of doing run 2 again you may as well do run 3 and get it over with.


I just did WK5R2 this morning, and it's not as hard as you think it's going to be. I even started off feeling a bit clunky, it was snowing, I hardly slept last night, and my mind was worrying about the million things I need to do this week. But it was over before I knew it, and I felt like I could have kept going!

I would wait and see how you feel after your run tonight and then decide. Personally, I wouldn't want to repeat R2. And if you feel like you could do R2 after your 14 hour day, then why not push yourself a wee bit harder and just do R3?!


Good points thanks. Will see how I feel Weds night.


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