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B210k W3R2: on we go

This was my first effort in two weeks again to get the B210k back on track. I have been running but just not finding the time (or the right track on the podcast) to follow properly.

10.01k in 54m 55s but 10k in 54m:03s. The last 10 metres took me 52 seconds according to Endomondo! The app actually messed up before that today so I reckon I may be due another 30-60 seconds rebate on this time/ distance. In any case I am pleased. A blistering start to the run with 2k x sub-5 minutes to get me underway. The 'real' 10k is definitely in reach within the 3 x 18 minutes of week 4 (still to come) but let's see how it goes when I have to do it continuously. Incidentally, when I run the c25k+ Speed runs I have figured out how to do the slow runs properly. Transferring that to the B210k will be the trick I suspect.

On Tuesday time was a bit tight so I didn't manage to get out to do the second of my B210k W3 runs. So, I thought I would try the C25k+ Stamina run and see how well I could keep to the beat and get the run done at a good distance without struggling as I did before.

This time it was fine. The 158bpm was fins and I could do the 160 section (20 minutes) with not too much of a struggle. Even the 165bpm finish of 5 minutes was not as gruelling as I had found it on previous occasions. This run may prove to be a good 'filler' till I complete all of the B210k and start on a proper mixed programme of my design.

In common with others on the C25k+ blog I am looking at the three different runs a week: one shorter faster interval run; one good-paced run for about 40 minutes; and one long, slow and easy run.

We'll see. Happy running.

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I am in a similar boat to your self at the moment with my training plan still evolving.

I've not used the C25k+ podcasts as the thought of trying to modify my cadence to the time sounds too much like hard work!


Sounds like a great plan. I do the same and it works well for me.


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