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Woohoo! First Parkrun done and dusted...


Still can't believe it but this morning I did my first 5k - in 37.36!!! Having only just done W9R1 on Thursday, I was a bit worried about how I'd get on (then I'd done 3.8km so was a bit apprehensive about running even further) and I couldn't believe how nervous I was this morning. As advised by others on a previous posting, I did my 5-min brisk walk first and hoped that would calm me down but it took the first lap (the course is 3 and a bit laps of the park) for my breath to settle and for the first 1k or so I felt like I was gasping for air. However, I eventually got it under control and took it very easy all the way round as there was a long incline up to the finish and I didn't want to run out of steam before the end. Happy to report that I managed to keep running all the way but unlike on some of my C25K runs when I've still felt strong at the end, I don't think I've ever been so happy to get to the end of a run! I'm not off on holiday for a week then will get my remaining 2 W9s done to earn my graduation badge!

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Whooopppp well done pinkhat, great time too!


Oh, you super star! That is such an achievement. Really proud for you! :)


Well done. i remember my first Parkrun well. They're slightly addictiive. Good luck for graduating


Well done Pinkhat! Glad it went so well.

First of many I hope.


Well done you, great result. And by my reckoning you have done W9R2 because today's Parkrun more than covers your second run. Your graduation run is just about in the bag, so well done again. :)

gdeannGraduate in reply to Oldgirl

I agree with Oldgirl! Chilling the bubbly here in the states and getting ready for a grad PARTYYYYY!! :-) I ran my first ever 5K distance the week of my graduation too. It is definably a confidence booster. CONGRATULATIONS!!! Gayle

HUGE WELL DONE XXXX and yes. I am shouting x


Thank you all so much - I never ceased to be amazed at the waves of support and good wishes this forum provides! x


Excellent well done you :)


Well done, excellent Parkrun, be careful they are addictive. And I agree with Oldgirl you have definitely completed run 2 only one run to graduation, good luck. Am standing by with the party poppers :-)


Well done you and I agree with the others - that definitely counts as R2 in my book!! :)


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