50th parkrun and a PB, woohoo!

Hi folks, very happy bunny here today, completed my 50th parkrun and got a PB, I'm not fast by the way, broke the 35 minute barrier, only by 11 seconds, but hey, 'I'm a sub 35' πŸ˜„

All I wanted was that t-shirt, gotta love free stuff! 250k, who'd have thought it, got a long way to go to get the next t-shirt, Lordy, that's gonna take ages........πŸ˜„. C25k has a lot to answer for......

Beautiful morning, topped off by meeting two ambassadors for the Wings for Life World Run, which is coming to Cambridge this year, on May 8th, oh and the catcher car is being driven by David Coulthard , yes I didn't understand either, take a look here:


Myself and OH are already in, the lovely Mr Coulthard is going to catch me very quickly, but hey ho.......(not sure if that's a good thing or notπŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„)

Now, got to order that t-shirt.......

Happy running all



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  • What a fantastic way to start a weekend!

  • Congratulations, that's awesome!! Well done, that's such an achievement :-)

  • Well done, a great achievement! Just 49 more to go for me - I went to my first one this morning!

  • Fab, it only takes one, and that's it you're hooked! Hope you enjoyed it, I love park run!


  • Brilliant - well done you! Amazing to have done that many parkruns - I did my first today - 50 seems a long way off! And with a pb, fab!

  • Thank you, I hope you enjoyed it, just one of the best inventions ever!


  • Well done, that's fantastic, you should be really proud of yourself not only running your 50th parkrun but also a PB on top, the weeks will fly by and before you know it you'll be on your 100th parkrun in the blink of an eye,

    Take care and enjoy the rest of your weekend,

    Siobhan x

  • Thanks Siobhan, hope you had a good one today too


  • I've had a fantastic day so far just writing my post, I spoke to a friend who volunteers at parkrun and they have offered to bake me a cake to celebrate my 5th brain injury birthday, was really shocked nobody's done anything like that before for me, I will offer her money for the ingredients though :)

    Take care and put your feet up with a nice cuppa, knowing you have achieved your 50th parkrun :)

    Take care,

    Siobhan x

  • Woohoo, congratulations Madge. Such a great set of achievements, sub 35 & your 50th! I'm doing a wee jig for you as we speak πŸ˜†

    Really fancy that Wings for Life run too but I fear I'd be out first, mind you if it was David Coulthard driving I may not be trying too hard.......... lol.

    Well done again ☺

  • Thanks Noaky, well, I'm going to be one of the first out,at the wings for life race, thanks to the fact the start is on the only hilly bit in Cambridge! and I really don't do hills very well! It'll be different that's for sure!


  • Well done Madge on both achievements :)

  • Brilliant Madge - well done!

  • What a great achievement, 50 parkruns! Well done Madge you deserve your tee shirt! 😊

  • You know it's funny, I thought, blimey, that's a lot of times round the same old route, but park run is always different, and noticing the seasons in the park is wonderful, not always pleasant (rain, sleet, snow and mud, loads of mud) but it is always different, never boring.


  • Congratulations on your 50th park run, that is some achievement Madge, wear that shirt with pride! 😊

  • Wow, that's brilliant Madge, I'm so please for you!

    Good luck to Rick for tomorrow, maybe next year for us xxx

  • Thanks Curly, think he's getting a bit nervous now! Not sure about us doing it, that is a long, long way! Mind you he's done a 10 miler, and it'll be that and a park run - easy ! (Speedy chris at park run said that - and he came second last year .........😁)

    Come back to park run soon....?


  • I will, I nearly came this morning, wish I had now! I'm off in a few weeks, so I'll definitely come before I go xx

  • Just so you know, no cambridge park run on 2nd April, some other event going on in the park - we'll be going for a bit of tourism, Wimpole or Huntingdon.....

    It will be lovely to see you.


  • Do you mean Rick has never run the distance? Blimey! I've never understood how people expect to pull the extra bit off ....they seem to manage it though...I meant us doing it as a relay, perhaps they'll have that option again next year...

    I'm going up north next weekend, hoping to do a PR there with OG, then I'm back for 3 weeks before I leave for France. I really will try to join you ( life just keeps getting in the way!) Wimpole sound gorgeous...

  • Well he has now, in a none too shabby time of 2hours and 4 minutes, he was aiming for 2hours but this is great considering his training fell back a bit. So many people too, apparently, no you only do the full distance on 'race' day, I couldn't do that, I'd have to know I could finish it - we'll see what happens next year.

    Have a nice time away, hope fully we can catch up at park run before you go to France.


  • Wow, that's a very respectable time! I would have to know I could do the distance - several times! Yes, I hope we can catch up, I will have 3 chances to run before I go and the 26th of March is my birthday, that might be a good way to celebrate if not before xx

  • Aw our lovely Madge !

    Absolutely brilliant , a double Brucie Bonus ! :-)

    Well done Madge , I am so pleased for you on a new PB ! :-) xxx

  • Thanks pops, I can't quite believe it actually, I've been 'running' all that time, thanks to C25K, love it, love it, love it, days like today make you realise why you get out there and have a go.

    And as for the PB, well got to keep going now haven't i? Chip away.....


  • Whoo Whoo well done

    The T-Shirt run is a great milestone. At our Parkrun they name any runners who are doing milestone runs that morning (if they know) during the pre-run briefing and the other runners give them a round of applause which is nice

    The T-Shirt I am nearest to getting next (have the 50) is probably my 25 volunteer T-Shirt

  • Thanks Ziggy, yes, I was volunteering too, so they did call my name out, which was lovely, and yes got my sights set on that 25 volunteer t-shirt as well!


  • Congratulations. A cracking PB and the milestone run ... Brilliant!!!

  • Thank you, go on πŸ˜„


  • Ooh well done! I'm on no 6 so quite a way to go yet

  • Thanks jb, it's amazing how the time has gone by πŸ˜„


  • madge

    congrats on your 50th parkrun and PB to boot!!


  • Thanks GRa


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