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1st ParkRun done and dusted. PB too!

This is a quick update for those who spotted my post yesterday were I had signed up for my 1st ever ParkRun on the spur of the moment and was a tad nervous about what to expect.

Well, I went this morning and it was BRILLIANT! No need for nerves at all.

Such a relaxed crowd of runners, supporters and volunteers. It was very informal and friendly, it wasn't in the least bit intimidating like some of these sorts of things can be and I can genuinely say that there were ALL levels of age, fitness and ability there too - which was amazing to see. There were kids running with their parents, people running with their dogs, fat/thin, tall/short, old/young, they were all there and it was just great.

I ran a 5k PB (27.40), which was mostly following behind a lady that must have been close to 70YO! I am only 43!

I now know why people say these are addictive. I totally agree with them, they are. I am already looking forward to the next one.

If anyone else is thinking about going along to one of these events, but has been putting it off for whatever reason - don't put it off any more. Just go, you will love it!

If you haven't heard of them before a link is here:

EDIT: I have removed my 'hot tip' about barcode scanning at the end as it was utter nonsense!

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MrM that's fantastic and you make it sound like an entirely positive experience. Oh, no pressure then ... [gulp]


Get out there!

You will love it.....


That is fantastic ! What an amazing pb. That's great is an amazing time, just a tad bit jealous. Great that it was so friendly and when I am in the uk I will be going to my local parkrun too. Great tip by the way I would have done the same thing


Hi Vix

Ignore my tip. It is utter nonsense.

I think those barcodes must work my magic, as it knew when I crossed the line - even though no-one appeared to scan it.

They must have been invented by Paul Daniels!


Fantastic! Great time too... absolutely speeding along there! :)


Cheers Aussie.

It was one of your recent posts that inspired me to sign up!

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Hey Maysie1; I was thinking about you - congratulations! You Speedy person :)


Are you sure about the scanning your barcode immediately? I sat on the ground feeling really nauseous - in my throat feeling- after coming out of the funnel with my code in sweaty palms.... and chatted with my son and Marshalls who reassured me it didn't make a differance? Registered it several minutes at least later ---- Ooh :)

Really hoping that's the case!



You are spot on! I will edit my hot tip as it is utter garbage.

In that case, I don't understand how it works as they just handed me a barcode off of a hoop?!!

Now that's Magic!


Well I think you are likely to be correct Maysie - thinking you're spot on!

The barcode they hand out registers position from what I can work out but time seems to be registered when you register your position - if that makes sense?

my first one too today so when I saw your top tip I thought oh no! Then oh I was faster than time registered - no wonder nearly really sick -

You and many others inspiring me to do PR - thank you :)


They have just emailed me my time at 27.44, which tallies within a couple of seconds with my Garmin, so I genuinely don't know how they did it, but they seem to have managed to get it right! I think there were at least 2 people handing out barcodes at the finish too, so I don't understand how they would register the position either?!


Me neither!:) Parkrun is incredible!

High 5 Maysie - congratulations & celebrations :)


Next time, take note of the number of people at the finish line - a couple handing out finish tokens and one holding a stop watch thingie . The watch thingie records the time for each person in sequential number order ( with a time against each one) , and they hand out the tokens in number order. The time recorder volunteer is usually a bit less noticeable than the volunteers who give you the token.


Great post and a great time! Sounds like you had a blast at Parkrun this morning; I detect in that you could become a Parkrun addict! :D


Not become, I already am!


I've registered for a park run and am really nervous because all my activity has been power walking with some jogging - were there walkers there as well as runners?


People were walking, jogging, running full belt and then stopping to recover. Just do whatever suits.

To give you an idea, the course is exactly 5k and the slowest time today was nearly 49 minutes, so that is a 'fast walking pace' average for the slowest.

They use a back-runner anyway who will always be last, so no-one will be left behind.

It is about getting out there and joining in, so they wont care how slow you go so long as you are taking part.

Enjoy it!

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Official results are now out...

I came 102nd out of 225 runners, which I am well happy with - particularly for a 1st ParkRun and considering I only 'graduated' 10 days ago.

Feeling well chuffed with myself.

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Well done on your first parkrun (always bit nerve wracking) that's a fab time.

To shed some light on how they know your time... As you cross the finish line the volunteer time keeper is poised with the gadget and presses it so the finish time is recorded, at his stage you must stay in finishing position as you queue with other runners to get your finishing token off the loop - this token has your position number. Once you have your finishing token it doesn't matter if you wait a while to get scanned, then you get your own barcode and finishing token scanned this stores the information. Both the scanner and time keeping gadget are uploaded onto the system and then as if by magic the results are published. Hope this helps and does not further confuse. :-)


Now that explains it!

Thank you.

I must have missed the 'gadget' in my hurry to get over the line. I just thought they had a load of barcode tabs that they were dishing out off of a hoop, but clearly there is a bit more hardwear to it than I spotted.... :)


A brilliant first parkrun for you Maysie, I am soooo glad you enjoyed it! Aren't they fab! Here's to many many more! x :-D


Gary I am so pleased that you went to Chantry Park and did your first park run! Well done for coming in 84th position for Chaps and 18th for your Age Category AND 3RD for all the first timers today. Good result!


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