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Missed Parkrun but what a result

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I missed Parkrun this morning after having managed every week since my debut. There were many reasons for me not going my the crux of it is I was just too tired and longed for a morning where I could get up in my own time rather than being forced out of bed. It kind of worked, I managed to sleep to 0830 when my daughter shouted rather loudly that my mummy and daddy should wake up as she had been awake for ages!

Anyway my friend text me saying she missed me at Parkrun and I started feeling a little guilty was it really worth the extra half hour in bed to miss my weekly social run? I started clocking the reasons together as to why i hadn't gone bad back, bad leg, sore toe on both feet, prescription drugs for bad back that make me feel wosey (oh the tale of woe)

I decided that i'd made the right decision. Until 1430 that was. The sun was shining, the birds were singing and I felt ever so slightly cheated particularily given that the weather tomorrow is forecasted to be showery.

So to my husbands astonishment I donned my running gear, parked my daughter in front of CBeebies (I know shoot me now) and headed out. I was freezing but 10 minutes in after adjusting my running for my brusied toes I got into my stride. I got past my finish point I thought i'd head on to my Mum and Dads grab a glass of water then stroll home.

In my head I was trying to work out how far I'd gone. I'd planed my route for 7K in a bid to reach 10K for the fun run in June....... I'm astounded to say i managed 7.65K and had it not been the draw on my mum and dads I reckon i could have gone on.

Needless to say my feet are now sore and my resident chriropodist (my mum) who tended to my poorly feet this morning has declared a new pair of trainers are definately in order so a trip to the shops tomorrow it is then.

Needless to say I'm elated 7.65K well done me, perhaps I'm glad I missed parkrun afterall.

Keep running everyone. If I can do it you certainly can.


5 Replies

Woo hoo well done, 7.65 k brilliant, you are well on your way to that 10k and with sore feet, just think how good it will be next well in those new shoes :-)


Thanks rolphie2. To be fair my trainiers are nearly 10yrs old so it's probably about time they retired.


Well done on yout great run. You certainly deserve new trainers - and need them after using 10 year old ones!


That is fantastic. But take care and don't find you are sacrificing two weeks of running for yhe sake of getting out just once! Good luck.


Brilliant Allie! Bet you had a real smug face on and why not?!! :D

Sue x


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