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A Parkrun inspiring story.

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I've extracted this from this weeks parkrun news letters. It shows what running can potentially achieve for you.

Hi parkrun UK

At the beginning of 2014, at just under 20 stone I managed to creep under 30 minutes for the first time in a while after three weeks training. By the end of the year I managed to lose seven and a half stone and run under 18 minutes. Looking forward to parkrun each week was a huge motivation in helping me improve my running and lose weight. I am lucky enough to have seven different parkruns within 30 minutes drive of my home in Newbury to keep things interesting, and rotated a different run each week. It helped me achieve 31 PBs throughout the year over the seven different courses.

19 Replies
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Wow! That's a fantastic story.

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that is pretty amazing :D i luv parkrun such a great experience

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Wowsers that is brilliant! Hip hip hurrah.

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Did you say 18 minutes??!! Was that on foot or on a motorbike??!!

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baronblaze in reply to useitorloseit

Unfortunately it's not me.........only in my dreams.

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Brilliant, inspiring article, what a star ! :-) xxx

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Amazing. Who would think this is the same person? These stories need to be advertised on TV.

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That is truly amazing. Personally, I would be extremely pleased with the time you managed a year ago BEFORE you lost the weight! Well done!

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baronblaze in reply to turnturtle

He has done fantastic to lose that weight and reduce his 5k PB by 40%. Sadly my 5k times are getting slower.

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turnturtleGraduate in reply to baronblaze

Mine too. Anno Domini eh BB? Gets us all in the end. But heck there are still age-graded targets to aim for. And less and less cometition in every age group. I plan to be the fastest 90 year old woman in Yorkshire ;-)

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That's a weight loss of of over 100 pounds in a year! A constant two pounds a week which anyone else who's been changing their diet will know takes iron discipline. This is not just a great running story, this is a great life changing story. The stress on the body of running 5k in 30 minutes while carrying that kind of weight must have been awful, but look at him now! Wow!

Any chance of a link? I'd love to know more.

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baronblaze in reply to Rob_and_his_westie

That was the full item.


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Rob_and_his_westieGraduate in reply to baronblaze


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Thanks for sharing ! What an amazing man!

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Very inspiring, thank you for sharing.

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My goodness me, what a success story yours is, that's a lot of weight to start off with and very inspiration Al to other young people with a weight problem, and shows it can be done, a big well done you

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baronblaze in reply to westonmill

Its not about myself. It's just one of the weekly letters on the parkrun site. I don't know the person but he certainly has turned his life around in fitness and health.

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That don't matter , some one done it, and it's still inspiration Al .Thanks for putting it on here

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