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Still not running frequently enough

I am only managing to run twice a week at the moment. This week I ran for 25minutes with laura on week 6 run 3 but struggled on tues night and ended up doing the warm up walk running for five minutes, walking for 3mins, running for five minutes, walking for 3, resulting in running for 20mins in total.

Is it possible to run on consecutive nights as long as you have one day's break from exercise of any sort completely as I would happily run more than four times a week if I could but this is impossible with a day in between for example if I run mon, weds ,fri and sun, the sunday and monday sessions would be back to back,

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I do this, run Mon, Wed, Fri, Sun, Tue, Thurs, Sat, Mon, Wed, Fri....etc etc etc

All the best



I do the same as Dale, with occasional extra rest days for weather/aches etc. I'd avoid running consecutive days if you can - injury is much more likely if you do.



I run Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, I do know people that run Sunday and Monday and they seem to manage OK but I like to have rest days as I tend to ache quite a bit after each run.


I keep religiously to at least one day between runs. Partly to avoid injury, and partly for morale. Having run last night, I can feel that my legs are more tired today, so if I tried to run I'm sure it would be tougher and slower then normal, and I don't think I'd last any distance - so for me, it's definitely best. If it's really the only way you can get enough running in, maybe make a deliberate decision that the second of the back-to-backs is a shorter, easier run, at least until you see how it feels in practice...?


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