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Warm up on the treadmill or on the bike?

I want to be able to run 5k however if I start my warm up on my treadmill its difficult to work out how far i have actually run as the distance goes from when I start walking and includes the cool down so I was thinking of warming up on the stationary bike then running on the treadmill until the distance indicates I have run 5k then stoppiing and walking for five to ten minutes. Is this feasible?

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Not sure that the bike would warm up the right muscles? Maybe it would?

Or you could just hop off for a second and reset the treadmill to zero? (I don't know as I've never used one - but I usually stop briefly between the warm-up walk and the run so I can see the drop in speed on my gps track, instead of setting a waypoint, as it's quicker - no problem in a few seconds gap.)


Personally I do both. 2 or 3km on the bike with low resistance, just as a general warm-up, then 5 mins walk on the treadmill before I start the first running interval.

You could just remember how far you walked in your warm-up and then subtract it.

Or for easy counting do a 500m warm up walk and then your run afterwards, and subtract your 500m at the end. When I'm outside with my Garmin, the warmup is pretty exactly 500m. But if you're still working through the programme I think the time is more important than the distance anyway.


Cant you just stop the treadmill after the warm up and then start it again when you start your run? Thats sounds the easiest to me...... :O


Hi, When I was doing the program, I always stopped the treadmill, - paused the podcast, - reset the treadmill and then started the podcast again. Only takes a minute. When Laura says you have finished, (before the cool down), I look at the display, so that I know exactly the distance I have covered for the actual run.


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