Alive and kicking

Just a quick thank you to everyone who has contacted me personally both here and on Garmin wondering where I had got to!

Well 2013 has gotten off to a terrible start. After flu, I have had -- and am in the middle of -- very serious ageing parent problems. But, I am still running 3 times a week, albeit not quite as fast/well/far as I did previously owing to a series of sleepness nights combined with sheer slog and anxiety (viz. ageing parents).

But I'll be back soon, you don't get rid of me that quick. Thanks again, xox Delia


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20 Replies

  • Ah Delia, I had wondered :) it's such a shame that you are having such a rough start to the year. I hope things settle for you soon, that you can find some peace and get some sleep. Well done on continuing with the running through adversity too :)

    Best wishes

    Jems xx

  • Cheers Jems and happy running to you too xxx

  • That sounds very tough going, Delia. Take care. I hope the running gives you a little bit of time for yourself.

  • Thanks greenlegs -- running is my "myself" moment!

  • Take care Delia, try and find some ME time its vital for us all to have some now and again.

    Hope things get easier very soon. OXO

  • Running - even crap running- IS my ME time Oldgirl. xox Delia :-)

  • Glad to here from you, but a shame the circumstances aren't better, take care and I hope everything sorts out :-)

  • Thanks's just a matter of time, I'm sure :-)

  • it's good to hear from you. Look after yourself - I hope things improve soon. And enjoy your me-time running :)

    Annie x

  • Thanks Annie xxx

  • Thinking of you Delia, message me any time you want a chat/vent. x

  • will do -- things have really gotten worse. Thanks x

  • Good to hear from you Delia and that despite the problems you are encountering you are managing to still get some very precious time to yourself to just run and clear your mind for a short while. Its not easy with aging parents and I remember from before that you have had a few problems :( I hope you are managing ok and getting support from others too.....

    You have been missed here and will be welcomed back with big hugs once things have settled down. :)

    Take care Delia.

    Sue xox0

  • Thanks Sue -- and have just written a long apologetic letter to a publisher! xox

  • Thinking of you Delia! Steve and I have both been in the position to care for our parents. Its a stressful time for the caregiver as well as the aging/ill person. When things become overwhelming, know we are here thinking of you. I do hope you have a bit of a support system in place so not everything is falling on your shoulders. You will never, ever regret the time you give your parents. I miss both of mine so much and they were both a big influence in my deciding to do C25K. They were both already gone, but with me in spirit. Sending blessings your way! Gayle

  • Thank you both Gayle and Steve, Delia :-)

  • Delia, so sorry to hear all this. I was wondering where you were, but haven't had a chance to check up till I saw your blog today. Sending you a big hug over the ether, and hoping that you're OK. It sounds a very difficult time and I absolutely agree with what Gayle says. But don't forget you need cherishing too, and I hope that your running is helping with keeping up your emotional as well as physical strength. Sue x

  • Thanks Soozz my dear. I haven't wanted to advertise it, but Mum passed away last week leaving me now with a very confused and griefstricken father. They had been married 60 years.He has a wonderful care-person, but this is not enough and wants me and the girls with him all the time. Difficult times. Delia x

  • So sorry, Delia. You must feel torn between your own grieving for your Mum and pain for your poor Dad. Is your Dad in Italy too or are you having to commute between Italy and the U.K.? Thinking of you at this very sad and tough time. Sue xx

  • Hi Delia. So sorry to hear about your loss and I understand what a tough time you are going through. My thoughts are with you and I hope you will continue to find some respite and 'me' time in your running. xx

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