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Don't confuse me Mum!!!!!

Was out for a run this morning and on the way home found myself following another lady runner who had her lovely Lab dog with her. (I'm jealous of dog runners, wish I could borrow one). Any way, started to wonder what she would do when she got to the junction further down the road. Now most dog owners nearly always stop at junctions and dog sits and waits while owner checks for traffic, right? Well this morning, lady jogger kept going and dog sat down as he/she has been taught.

It was quite funny as the dog almost pulled her off her feet. Her best friend knew best for sure.

So all you lucky dog owners/runners, what do you do when you are out running with your best 4 legged friend when you come to a road that has to be crossed?

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I don't have a dog, but this did tickle me!


I originally thought I would run with my dog but I think I should have started when he was a puupy rather than when he was 5. He is rubbish: when he's on the lead (on the cycle track) he is really slow, wanting to stop & sniff, wee, or have a poo, then I usually have to run with a poo bag until we get to a bin - very glamourous. When he's off the lead he wanders off to beg treats from other dog owners or sniff unmentionable parts of other dog and I have to jog on the spot til he catches up. On the way home when I'm desperate to walk for 5 mins he decides the sofa is calling him & pulls all the way. Now I have to find time to walk him and go running, very difficult when it gets dark so early. There is no way we could cope with roads & I am very envious of runners with well behaved dogs who bound along next to them. (I do love him to bits though!)


Haha Kate you've just put me clean off the idea of borrowing a friends dog for my running sessions. :)


I do at least one of my runs a week with black labrador murphy, he has no road sense like most dogs but when you tell him to wait he does sit at the roadside. He has not got a clue why though!!!

Last week we ran 7.5km, and amazingly he is not out of breath at the end.!!

Running with poo bags however is not a way to look cool!


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