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C25K - Week 5 Run 3

Managed to complete week 5/3 this morning and am chuffed to bits, all went well, breathing was good, managed to keep pace and best of all an old niggling calf issue which was a bit sore yesterday didn't flare up.

I can honestly say I was dreading today, but found myself zoning out and the time flew by, Laura's words of encouragement were a welcome boost though.

I did go at the beginning of the week to my local running shop (one where you run on the treadmill with different trainers and they video you) and bought a new decent pair of trainers and I can wholeheartedly recommend this to anyone as they are a joy to run in and you know they are the best you can get for your running style.

Having read a few blogs on here it looks like a few have finished week 5/3 this week and congratulations to all.

Oh and I weighed in at 13.2 this morning too so almost a stone lost this month so its a good start to the year and I can`t wait to start week 6.

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Well done Tony - getting through 5/3 is a real milestone. That's brilliant weight loss too. :) Have fun with week 6.


Congratulations Mate, i'm just about to start week 5 and all these blogs give me hope...good to hear the calf didn't flare up.

All the best



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