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10k Training Update - Yaktrax's and Rucksack Malfunction

As I said in last nights blog I had decided to brave the cold weather this morning and try out my new Yaktrax's. I wrapped up warm 3 layers, cropped running bottoms and a pair of joggers over the top, a woolly hat & gloves (I hate being cold) but decided I would take along a rucksack so I could strip off if or as I got too hot.

When I got out of the car couldn't decide whether I would need the Yaktrax's as some of the pavements seem to be pretty clear and thought I could probably just dodge the icy bits. So decided to put them in the rucksack and start off without them. Only got a few yards down the road and a few slips and slides later and decided they had to go on. The pavements were so varied some were totally clear, others were still thick with snow, some were skating rinks. Yaktrax's went on and I ran without slipping or sliding once. I passed other runners who were all running in the road they must have wondered how I was managing to stay upright. They really do rock!!!!

I had a clear route mapped out (which i'd even written the names of the roads down as my sense of direction is awful and I can get a bit lost) and off I go. I'm starting to get warm so the hat comes off and then the gloves and finally my joggers which I stuff all into my rucksack. I am finding the rucksack a real pain and wish I'd not bothered to bring it. At about 2 miles I realise the back section of the rucksack has come unzipped and everything in there has come out. Panic sets in and I think Yaktrax's but then to my relief I realise they're on my feet. Keys are in front pocket, phone in middle, so the only things that are missing are jogging bottoms, woolly hat and running gloves. So turn round and retrace my steps, as I said sense of direction not good and even worse in reverse. I couldn't even remember where on the route I had taken them off. Eventually I found the joggers laying in the snow and ice (not expensive ones but old faithfuls) and then the hat and gloves all safely back in the rucksack which now I have tied tags together so they can't come out again. So had to change my route slightly but sort of got back on track and a 4.5 mile run done mostly on ice and in freezing temperatures.

Hot chocolate and hot shower required

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Sorry, but I had to laugh as I thought about you leaving a trail of clothes in the snow :D :D If somebody were walking along behind you they must have been thinking what item they would find next and if at the end there would be some naked person standing there in the snow to greet them!!!! ;) Mind you, on reading about all what you were wearing I think I may have deliberatly discarded my clothes :O I dont like being cold but find if I'm chilly when I start my run then that means I will be just right once I'm into it, rather than overheating :)

Well done on the run though and braving the elements - much more fun than the 'mill! Yes, yaktrax rock! 8-)



OK Sue - how did you get that face with the shades? Please??


Oooh, if I tell you I will have to kill you.......! :'(

Oh ok then, it is 8 - ) with no spaces 8-)



Thank you - and then you taunt me with another one! :'(

But - I have discovered, quite by chance, that hovering over them tells me how to do them. Why didn't I think of that before?


Oh gosh, poor you - that must have been quite a panic (but as Sue says rather funny to imagine what someone following the trail would have thought!). Glad your Yaktrax are proving a good buy, I love mine too but must confess I was glad to run without them on dry pavements today... Although I might need them again as it's coming down again... Winter!


Ooohhhh I'm so glad you found all your gear, I hate losing anything would far sooner give it away. But alls well that ends well as we say. Well done on the run, the striptease and finding your way back in reverse too. :)


It like the running equivalent of hansel and gretel. :) No gingerbread house at the end but you found your way, your clothes and a lovely hot choccy!


I think that would have had me in a right tizzy! Glad you found all your dropped bits and pieces in the end. I dropped a notebook on a walk last week, and had to go back to find it in the snow, and it was nowhere near where I expected to find it.


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