Wrong direction?

Me and Becky (daughter number 2) set off for our Sunday run. Mum on her 3rd Stepping Stone and Becky on Week 2 Run 2. Went to the local park where there is a specific "health circuit" along a river and amid beautiful countryside. Obviously you can run in either direction and you will cross runners who may or may not acknowledge you with a smile (see earlier blog!). This morning we had to dodge literally hundreds of runners all heading in our direction :-D Was this the NYC marathon in northern Italy? What the hell was happening? Backtracking was virtually impossible (read DANGEROUS!) and many were telling me that I was going the wrong way, and when I did finally backtrack I nearly tripped up 3/4 runners!

When I got home I found out that it was the local blood donation society (300 runners) running 10K.

I haven't done a park run yet, and I will, but, much as I would like to join this group, I feel immensely inferior. Not only do they run faster than I do but they are of the sleek pony-tailed variety that don't sweat. Something tells me that in the Uk everyone is generally scruffier (than goodness!) and hopefully of more mixed-abilities. (Ladies.. plenty of pleasant derrières, mind you! ) I'd like to join the group but they seem so good! I read their website and there are several ultra-runners amongst them!


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19 Replies

  • You're teasing us again! (.....plenty of pleasant derrieres....)

    I'll tell you this, I've joined the ranks of the runners that don't sweat! Still beetroot faced at the end of the run but no sweat, it's too bloody cold here to sweat, ask your brother about the really thick frost we had this morning!

  • I know ;-) hubby works in UK and comes home at weekends and fears he might be stuck here because of snow :-D

    (btw -- Am not teasing about nice sit-upons :-p

  • Yes, yes, teasing, telling us but no photos! Still!!!

  • I agree with Beads, I'm not sweating much either! Faaar too cold for that! It does get my lungs though, breathing is definitely trickier, but the winter views are stunning!

    I love that your daughter is now doing C25K, how lovely you can share the highs and lows of this experience with her. It did make me chuckle, the thought of getting caught up in all those runners! How alarming that must have been!

  • but...I have decided to join the club. It's the local blood donor group -- they all seem very fast, but I'll give it a go! Next run is December 15th -- either a 2K or a 7K. I'll go for the 2 lol!

  • Good on you! Go for it. Think I'd go for the 2K first, plenty of time for the 7!

  • I did a 7k (7.7) walk yesterday after my 5k (5.38) run in the morning, my knees were really feeling it!

    (For some reason I thought it was a good idea to walk down to the post office to pick up a parcel rather than scrape the car free of frost and negotiate all the gas mains works!)

  • I bet they were feeling it! I was pretty foolish yesterday. I did the usual 5k run in the morning (with a new PB, 31 mins - the elusive 30 mins is getting achievable!), then cycled 6 miles into town to avoid the bus which takes forever! I then fought my way through the crowds shopping for a couple of hours and then cycled back. Afterwards, I felt like I'd done a marathon, my hip was really aching!

  • Have you read that post someone posted (excuse the alliteration!) of the ultra-runner? Guy who runs 100K at a time? he runs to and from work each day -- 30 k in all LOL :-)

  • I walk to and from work each day (that I work), a total of about 2k! Does that count? ;)

  • Yes! It definitely counts. As Tesco's say, every little helps!

  • don't thinks so Beads :-P

  • I've not watched the video yet, but I will as it looks very interesting. Bit extreme for me though and I love chips far too much to live on fruit ;)

  • Me too...but do watch it, the guy's a nutter, but so amazingly interesting! He lives for running -- ultra-running!

  • Wow!

  • Do the 7k, Delia! You can do it and if you just do the 2k, it'll be boring.

    Your time of 31 mins for 5k is brilliant. 7K is not *much* longer... not really. ;-)

    I know what you mean about scruffy English runners. I could not believe what some of the runners at the race were wearing last Sunday! It was a very cold but clear morning with ice on the paths and frost on everything else, and one bloke had on white shorts - you know the kind you used to wear as a kid in PE - the really thick cotton ones? They were skin tight - but not in a good, lycra kind of way! He was wearing those and a vest. I felt cold just looking at him!

  • You should have seen the guys on the Sunday race here. They really looked good. I must sound like a dirty old woman, but it was mainly pert bottoms in shiny tights and elegant head bands -- not a scruff in sight :-) And even one, what, octogenarian, looked amazing! She had shorts on, but of the shiny black variety -- the muscles on her legs could have been the envy of a 19 year-old Viv! And she was beautifully made up too. I am not wearing my Crystal Palace hat ever again -- well not on Italian park runs!

    But they all seemed such FAST runners, gallopping along like wild horses. I'll be last, but who cares...just need to pluck up the courage I guess! Love, D.

  • Have just read your blog Delia, dont know how I missed it before, but it did make me laugh, sorry! Hey, crystal palace hat v flat cap...decisions decisions!! At least there hasnt been any metion of THAT shiny tracksuit again....imagine if you had been wearing that when encountering all these pert, beautiful stallions of the race track!!

    Well done on signing up for the race though; something good came out of your experience at least....Oh and well done on your daughter now doing this, thats brilliant and a running buddy at times for you too!

    Sue x

  • Hi Sue! No I've got some nice clingy gear now although (see my question) my arms get cold and I'm worried they'll get too hot with lon sleeved first layer!

    Haven't actually plucked up the courage to sign up for that 7K yet... but did a great run this morning, boy am I glad I decided to do this plan Love Delia xox

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