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Help.... I'm ill!

I basically fell ill yesterday after I completed one of my masters exams. I saw my nieces at the weekend and they were both full of cold. The problem is I haven't run for a week cos I've been doing nights/revising (I'm afraid some things must come before running!). I ache from head to toe and my nose is running as fast as I wish I could be. Any advice? I really don't want to lose the stamina I've built up. I've also heard your fitness is maintained up to 10 days? Any experiences or advice would be helpful.


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One way or another I suspect you don't have much choice but you will be fine for a couple of weeks give or take.

Best to sort yourself out and hit it good and strong.

Have rest and loads of Lemsip!

Hope the Exam went well.


Me too - hideous cold. Went out on saturday into the snow and realised I couldn't do it - have been in bed ever since sneezing and coughing.

But I've read that too about 10 days and I'm sure it's true. I know in my head I need to get better and then get back out there - but completely sympathise. I only graduated just under a month ago and it's like being sabotaged! But to cheer you up - I had to take 2 weeks out in the middle of the c25k with a dodgy hamstring - then eased back in and actually it was fine.

So once I'm on the mend - but not quite well enough to run I'm going to use the time to do some exercises for my glutes, strength and balance exercises like calf raises and single leg dips. I know I need to that anyway as my legs are really feeling these longer runs.

in the meantime back to the tissues and the cough medicine and my bed


I had two weeks off and was fine. All that 10 day stuff is perhaps true for some but not for others in my opinion. I also do weight training and people say you loose muscle after a week - I had 3 weeks off last year and went straight back in at the same level.

I find that any rest during consistent periods of exercise can actually enhance training as the legs get rejuvenated and glycogen stores filled right up.

Having said that it is what it is and you can only do your best and be mindful of your health. Try and stay positive, trust your body. Aldi do +10 or 15 manuka honey for a bargain price £4.99 which is great with fresh lemon and ginger for coughs and colds.

Hope you get better soon!


I think you will find you won't lose much of your hard earned fitness in a couple of weeks. You could however do a lot more damage by heading off out in such cold bad weather when you are not well, so be sensible, drink plenty of fluids and vitumin C is good for colds. Take care I'm sure you'll soon be back up and out there before long.


Thanks everyone for your advice, I think I need to rest for a few days, I have a few night shifts as well which stop me from running but I start a new job Monday so ill be able to get into more of a routine :).

There has been a couple of times where I've left it a week or so between runs as life has got in the way, so fingers crossed I will be able to run as well as I was last week.

It's annoying when you finally find the free time to run and you can't!

But the exam went really well, and if my fitness suffers for a couple of weeks for a good mark then so be it.

Keep running :)


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