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Next run getting closer...... I hope

Hi everyone,

I have massive admiration for all of you who are out there running in this weather and had loved reading all the amusing and informative accounts of your runs. However, I made a concious if guilty decision not to run in either sub-zero temps or with snow/ice on the ground. I did this for two reasons - firstly I have no desire at all for the cough I had over Christmas to come back, and secondly, as a person with very little sense of balance (not good at bikes, and ice skating was the most miserable experience of my younger life), the risks of falling and picking up an injury far outweigh the benefits of being out there in the first place. So for now I'm consigned to the couch apart from the daily stagger to school and the odd aerobics class. After all, I'm not training for anything particular and I'll have a lot more fun improving my 5K time as the weather warms up (yes, one day it will).

However, I do have keep that motivation going somehow and make sure that I'll be back out there while I can still run and before I have to go back to week 4 :-) so as well as reading all the blogs and questions here (and thereby pretending that I'm still a runner), I'm now also indulging in some light retail therapy. So I'm delighted today that I got a little parcel from Sweatshop with my new long-sleeved running top today. It is lovely and soft (grey compression underlayer with a bright pink Tshirt over the top) and I'm so looking forward to wearing it soon! That should be enough to get me out of the door in the next few days. Just wish I had some "longer than capri" length bottoms to go with it.

Keep running all who can!


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Ohhh you can't have a lovely new top and not try it out. But keeping safe and injury free is more important, but why not take your new top for a walk, it won't mind at all that it doesn't go at high speed!! As for your Capri jogging leggings, fill the gap with a pair for longer socks, but I find even in sub zero temperatures my legs don't feel the cold. Other thing you could consider doing is wearing a pair of warm tights or leggings under your Capri's. Happy jogging when you get back out there. :)


Hi Oldgirl - I have just tried on the top and it's very comfy - not warm enough for walking though (I really got it for spring but in the meantime I'll have to put my fleece on top). I have considered longer socks - to be honest the capris haven't really been a problem; it's more my ice wimpiness. I will get out there again when I'm confident of not falling over - honest!


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