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Well onto week four next, this last run was hard but strangely tingly all over high hoooo silver yabba dabba do.......nice.

I'm doing more stretching as I go along and it defo helps. I still feel a lot of trepidation about the length of the runs in week four but I'm just going to crack on with it.

I have managed to forget about speed and just concentrate on foot position and relaxing as I run, my right leg still drags and tightens as I become tired but the difference is like night and day from when I started. So I'm very happy.

All the best


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It sounds as though you are doing brilliantly. :)


Sounds really good Dale, and you're absolutely right, if you can manage to zone out and keep relaxed, you'll get through the runs fine. Some days it is harder than others and we all beat ourselves up about what we're not able to do yet, but looking at where we've come from is always useful to provide both motivation and perspective.

Keep with it, you're doing great; you've completed 1/3 of the programme already!


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