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Snow! And ice!

My next run is W3R1.

I had hoped to use the football pitch again today as walking there covers the 5 minute warm up nicely, but decided that there would probably be loads of snowballing kids so went for a couple of half hour walks instead.

Current plan is to get up and do the run before breakfast tomorrow when I should have the field to myself, give or take any early dog walkers!

Steeling myself to give up this week and repeat W2 once the snow and ice clear, better than a pulled muscle or a fall on slippery surfaces.

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I ran on the beach today, just below high water mark -so no ice or snow.


Hope it went to plan! I admire you and all the others who are doing this in icy conditions - as a softy who did weeks 1 to 7 in the gym!

I did have to contend with minus temperatures and icy winds when I ventured out in week 8 (Feb 2012) but I think ice and snow would have been my excuse not to go out at all!

I havent been able to run for weeks due to a lurgy/post viral fatigue and a rib injury from coughing (so cheesed off) and am praying its not still icy when I do get out there again!


It was a good plan and it worked! Weekdays are workdays and trickier. Fingers crossed for a thaw.


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