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X trainer wk4 r1

well i did it but oh the pads of my feet gave me terrible pain . that bad that i thought i might have to stop :-( Ive got Asics trainers with the gel sole.Ive had this before but i loosened the laces and it wasnt so bad. so im going to try my daughters trainers Nike something or other and see if they are better .I will then buy a pair. Sed daughter runs in them and has no problems. Hope your all taking care out there in the snowy weather. x

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That doesn't sound right. No answers here, I'm afraid. Hope you get it sorted out soon, cos it sounds very unpleasant. Just a bit of a crazy thought - what about running barefoot, just to see what it's like? (Though worth reading a bit about it first, as it seems that barefoot runners tend to run differently, so it can take while to change over.)


The bottoms of my feet hurt really bad too when I first started running. New trainers for me helped a little but I think it was like the rest of my body, I just had to toughen it up. ;-) I have been known to rub muscle lotion on my feet before a run. :-) It may also help you to purchase a thin set of spongy insoles that can be cut to size. Good luck! Gayle


Hi there, I have the same trainers and I find I always tighten my laces to tight!

Damn their evil eyelets!

Hope you find a solution.



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