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nearly at the half-marathon mark

Planned an 11.4km run tonight, but felt good so extended it to 12, and then tried for 15k. Didn't manage that, but still - 14k is still pretty darn good :) Just gotta add another 6k and I'll be half-marathoning it...! If I stick to my *original* plan of adding 1k every week, i'll get there in 6 weeks!!!

funny how every long distance goal seems completely unachievable - until you're nearly there! I felt exactly the same about 5k and 10k...

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wow - well done I am seriously impressed!


Another wow but you are right keep going and you get there. Great effort!


Fab! Well done you! :-)


Oooh - that sounds like a good plan! I've signed up for a half marathon beginning of March, but cos of illhealth since early Dec, have slipped back a lot from the 10K I did non 4/12/12. Don't think that getting up to 1/2 marathon in 6 weeks is achievable or even advisabe.

But, I shall watch your progress with avid interest. Go HectorsHouse!


Good progress. Run a half-marathon for me. I had planned to run the local HM at the end of March, but due to injury an not even thinking about any races for now.


Viv, i'm glad you'll be watching - your posts always inspired me when I did the couch to 5k.

Swanscot, that's a bummer. I'll be thinking of both of you throughout my training for the half.

I was tempted to enter the Edinburgh half marathon but it costs something like £30!


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