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Wk 7 r1, starting to feel like a runner!

Just did the 1st run on week 7 which was 25 mins nonstop, the same as wk6 r3. I really enjoyed both runs, I totally agree with another blogger that there comes a point where it actually feels better not to have that rest between runs and just get into a rythm and keep going. I never thought I'd say that when I started this program!!

Feeling totally hooked and can't wait to get out there on Friday and do another 25 mins! Never thought I'd say that either...

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Hi Madriz, I also did W7R1 this morning and felt like a proper runner :D Although a very slow, cautious one this morning, I was worried about slipping on ice.

Someone called me mad this morning, I used to think the same thing about people that got up early and went running in sub zero temperatures. Really enjoying it though!



Well done. I was just wondering what the weather is like where you are? We had minus temperatures all day today. Is it cold in Spain at this time of year?


well done - I love hearing about all of you who are a few weeks ahead - it's great!


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