Week 7 - Actually feeling like a proper runner (kinda)

Started week 7 yesterday, headed out after work, I'd had a stressful day so it was just what the doctor ordered. I started out too fast (as usual) and I have to say I was really missing Laura! I was waiting and waiting for her to pipe up with how long I'd been running for, seemed to take forever. When she said half way there I was feeling ok but did run down a few hills to make it easier (naughty).

Highlight of the run was in the last 5 mins when I passed another runner (a guy I used to see out running before I started the programme that looks very fit and is never red faced or out of breath) and he gave me a little smile of acknowledgement....or possibly encouragement as I probably looked near to collapsing in a heap by this point! Whoohoo I am a proper runner and have been accepted into the ranks :D

Run 2 on Thursday, going for early morning again but hopefully won't get lost this time :)


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7 Replies

  • I did week 7 run 1 today. Didn't do quite as well as you though! It was my first outdoor run, usually use treadmill, managed 20 minutes. I'll try again on Friday.

  • 20 mins is still great! I'm honestly not running very fast, I'm usually not going much faster than people walking along the pavement by the end haha. Just try again and you'll get there :)

  • Your post made me laugh especially the part when you say the other runner you passed hardly seems out of breath, that's how I felt this morning out in the park running past people who were walking their dogs, I felt they were thinking I was some sort of imposter pretending to be a runner as I was huffing and puffing along haha!! But at least we're doing it.

    Well done on week 7! :)

  • It's pretty cool when another runner acknowledges your existence :) anyone know the etiquette for chatting another runner up...? ;) lol

  • I'd say go forget etiquette and go for it....as long as you can catch them up!! :) :)

  • Well done.. It's great when other runners give you that acknowledgment!!

  • I too found myself asking.....where are you laura....i need you....during my run 1 week 7 run this morning. (I did walk for about 60 secs in the middle). Then before I know it Laura eggs me on and I'm doing the last 60 secs at a hard pace. I was surprised and elated I could speed up at the end.