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Graduated in December - Am I ready for the B210K

I graduated from the C25K program in December, and have pretty much been running 5K every other day since then. I have a couple of routes (fast and slow), and generally complete the distance within 28 to 30 minutes.

However, I am well and truely puffed out by the time I finish each run. I was hoping that by running 5K every other day I would slowly find things a little easier, and start to feel more comfortable about running longer distances, but to be honest my run yesterday was as difficult as my graduating run. I always find that I have to dig deep at the end to keep going.

So, I feel that I am not making much progress in comparison to when I was on the C25K program, and wondered whether the answer is stop running the 5K's and proceed to the B210K to see whether the longer intervals will get me past where I am.

Has anyone had a similar experience?


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I am dusted every single run as well! It seems like your time is excellent! I run nothing near a 30 minute 5K but decided to start the B210K training as well. Most of the grads are using either a 6 week or 9 week program. My thoughts are hopefully it will help me build endurance and make my 5K's faster. Wishing you the best in whatever you choose. Gayle


Base before pace! Impressive times that I can only dream of, but stamina requires a slower pace, according to all the advice I have read here and elsewhere.


Good pace. I graduated around the same time. Still around the 40 min mark. I find ifI have a day or two off I have a much better run. Had a bad chest went on for a week or two and thought I would lose it but after the break I was flying. Currently doing 3 runs a week but if I miss one its not a problem.

Doing my own thing now. At the weekend I add a mile on. Ran 10 k on sat....still can't believe it.


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