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My name is Fingalo and I am a cheat!

Today I ran to a playlist of my own, I feel a wee bit bad as until now I'd been loyal to Laura but you know how it is, I got bored. And let's be honest, I have reason to suspect that she's been seeing other people too, so she can get right down off her moral high horse!

Actually I cheated on her twice as I didn't follow the programme either.

I had such a good final run of Week 4 that I felt the three five minute runs required at the start of Week 5 was a bit weak, especially as I'd become accustomed to looking at the first run of every new Week and feeling slightly bilious. Therefore I decided I'd jump straight to run 2 and repeat it on Monday because I thought it would give me a better preparation for the 20 minute run of run 3, which really does make me feel sick at the thought of it. Proper order.

For me, the important aspect of Laura's contribution is the time splits she gives you, I need to know how far into a run I am. Or rather, how little is left. The music in between does my box in though.

With this in mind I used my Spotify account to make up a special playlist, choosing songs appropriate not only for the rhythm but mainly for the length of tune. It's quite easy as you can click on a playlist to order it in several ways, obviously I used length of track. All I had to do then was decide how I wanted to break down the runs.

Therefore I started the first eight minute run with a long song as then I knew I only had a couple of minutes left when the next tune kicked in. Another departure from the programme was to only take a three minute breather between the runs (Fun Lovin' Criminals' Scooby Snacks was ideal) instead of the five minutes Laura suggest as again, I felt it not enough of a challenge. I'm aware this won't be true of everyone, it's just an indication of the confidence my last run had given me.

For the second eight minuter I chose a two minute song to start, followed by a couple of three minute songs to finish it. I also added a few more songs as I was thinking that if I was able, I'd run for longer then the eight minutes required, all the better to prepare me for that 20 minute run which was looming over me like a leg sapping, lung busting monster.

The first run went okay-ish. I could feel it far too early and was delighted when I could slow down to a walk but it was the longest I'd ran so far so was to be expected, after all, the challenge of it was why I'd skipped run 1. Huey finished warbling and I completed the second eight minutes to an old Box Tops number (2 minutes) Maximo Park and Green Day.

Again I found it really tough and had all but decided I'd have to settle for doing no extra, when in the very last seconds of Basket Case I determined to push on, as I knew the next song was only two minutes long, one of my favourite Libertines songs, Campaign Of Hate. I also managed to get through the next tune so in total I managed 12 minutes 30 seconds (I sound like Adrian Mole....) on that second run.

Now here's the weird thing. After my last run of Week 4, when I added an extra seven minute run to those required, giving myself a huge boost in the process, you'd have thought jumping straight to run 2 AND adding four minutes to the second running section that I'd be delighted and even more confident going forward. Not a chance. All it did was convince me I've no chance of managing that 20 minute run that's due after my next run. Okay I'd ran for 20 minutes in total but the idea of doing it without that three minute walk to break it up....

I'll work on that but it's funny how the mind works. Do extra on one run and I can take on the world, do extra the next time and I'm terrified of what lies ahead! Ho hum, It'll get done.

Anyway as I said, I'll repeat this run on Monday morning (hopefully pushing to 15 minutes on the second running section) before taking on that scary 20 minutes on Wednesday or Thursday.


After a shower I visited Sweatshop for a gait analysis. Apparently I over pronate so should buy some runners with support, however I think I'll research it a bit more before I invest as I'm not convinced of the science and find the ones I have really comfortable.

And is it only me who finds running on a treadmill scary? I think I'd rather train on a target range.

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You have excellent taste in music :D

Have you tried the rundouble app? You can pick your own music and still get the C25K prompts. I've never even heard the original Laura podcasts (sorry Laura!).

Don't let that 20 mins scare you, kick its ass!


I had a look at it but my feeble technical skills couldn't work out if I could use my Spotify playlists.


Fascinating psychology with the tune lengths.

That treadmill sentence is a beauty. (I haven't dared try a treadmill yet. I am scared of looking daft and/or falling off or crashing. I don't much like the moving pavement things they have at airports. It just seems wrong.) Mostly the looking daft though - especially the first ten seconds or so!


I'm with you there!


Green Day (good colour choice there)

"Sometimes I give myself the creeps

Sometimes my mind plays tricks on me"

Especially when I'm thinking about 20 minute runs.


You're not wrong Greeners, I gave it quite some thought as I wanted to maximise the positive effect of listening to my own tunes and I think it worked, not least in encouraging me to go the extra few minutes.

For my Monday run I've reversed the position of a couple of the songs which bring me into additional , this time there will be a 2 minute, then three and then two minute song, even if I only manage the first two I'll have done a minute more.

You should have seen me on that treadmill, I was holding on at first and she asked to let go and run naturally, which being a man instructed by a woman to do something I wasn't happy to do, I of course complied, for fear of looking a complete wuss. Then she asked me to run faster, ditto said my male ego. Mind you, when she asked me to stop looking at my feet but ahead as you would usually, I did try but instantly decided a wuss I'd have to be. Feck that, I started wandering all over the place!

As to the lyrics, you'll be amazed at how often during the run a line struck me as extremely relevant.


Oh goodness, that made me cackle! Very funny! Tears in my eyes.

I've read it three times and it makes me laugh out loud every time.

Though I'm a worse wuss, as given the opportunity to run on a treadmill in the shop, I just declined. (Mind you, it was near to closing time, so I think the assistant was glad really.)


You will be surprised you will be able to do that 20 minute run no problem. We all think we can't but somehow we do. I look forward to reading that you aced it! Good music choices, someone should really speak to Laura about her choice of music, its not that inspiring !


Cheers Rolphie. I know I'll do it, I just want to do it first time and have real doubts that I can.

Hopefully Monday's run will serve to reassure me as I hope to go beyond the 12 minute run I did this morning. I think it looms large for me, not just because it seems such a stretch but because I know that once I've managed 20 minutes, completing the programme will be all but achieved. It's because I think that way that it bothers me so much.

That second running section this morning really took it out of me and for the first time since Week 1 run 1, I can feel it in my legs afterwards.

Actually while writing this I've had an idea. Instead of looking to go longer than 12 minutes in the second run on Monday, I might just cut down the walk in between as that is the only difference between what I did today and what I need to do on run 3.

I walked for three minutes this morning, maybe I'll try two minutes next time out.


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