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Short and sweet!

My knee is giving my gyp. Not the one which twinges every so often (a couple of times a month or so, nothing to worry about) as though someone's stuck a needle into it but the other one, the one that doesn't make a squelching noise as I walk up the stairs. Not pain as such, but the feeling that it's not quite right, as though there's some swelling in the joint.

So I've been taking it easy. I missed my Sunday run completely and just took the dog for a walk, though that turned into a 4.5 mile trek (I'm sure that's the path we used to go up when riding).

Monday was a rest day as normal, then Tuesday was a run day. So I ran. But not as far/as long as normal. Just a quickie, short and fast. Too fast. At an average pace of 5:30 minutes per k, I could only keep going for 9 minutes, then had to do the last 400m home at walk/trot intervals.

Knee not too bad but still not right.

Wednesday is slob day where I catch up with TV from the week after work so good rest for the knee apart from the walking around at work.

Thursday is another run day. I went out for my run this morning. Continuing the theme of sore knee and not running too far I went 2.2k instead of my normal 5ish. I picked up the pace again but not quite as fast as Tuesday, hoping to complete the run. I reversed direction somewhat so most of the downhill was during my warm up walk, I know running downhill is going to cause more impact to my knees as I tend to lean back and land on my heels. I got home breathing a lot more heavily than I do on my longer runs.



time 13:13 minutes

Pace 5:58 (my normal pace is 6:30 to 6:50, so that's still faster, though slower than Tuesday, though I had to give up on Tuesday)

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Beads, the knee problems are aggravating, aren't they? I battle with my silly ol' knee all the time and wonder how much of an improvement I would see in my running if the dang thing would ever settle down. I'm taking Glucosamine and it seems to be helping a little. Hoping all of the knee niggles go away for you! :-) Gayle


Take it easy Beads. It sounds as though you're having a bit of a time of it. Be careful you don't do any permanent damage. I haven't tried Glucosamine but do take Cod Liver Oil to lubricate my creaky knees - not sure if I should swallow it or rub it in! Maybe both? Best wishes. :)


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