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C25K week 2 run 2

Not blogged before but finding reading everyone else's valuable. I have never had any stamina to run - I have played netball and am a black belt in TKD - all very stop starty if you get what I mean. I am really determined to do this in 9 weeks and reach the goal but whilst I completed this run tonight I found it really hard going :-(

I did do two hours Zumba last night so guess my poor legs are fatigued so that is the likely explanation for tonight but given my difficulty I ventured into the podcasts to see what week 3 has Instore - I am now freaked out at the prospect of having to run solidly for 3 minutes :-(

But I want this so much :-(((((((

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Many of us felt/feel the very same when we check what lies in store in the next Week but it's amazing how much you can trust the programme. I'm fretting at the moment about what's coming up next for me in Week 5 but experience of C25k has taught me that that's natural and the step up is doable.

Three minutes was a real frightener for me too, now I consider it merely a warm up to the longer distance.

You'll find that out too, believe me.


Hi there, I'm on the start of week 2, I also read and freaked at the speeds and times etc, etc.

I then read a lot more of the site and got a good overview of what is to come from other people on here and I know I feel a lot more chilled about it. So i would have a good read but whatever you do don't give up the hardest part is starting....all the best.



Bexyboo you peaked!! My theory is if I ran for 90 seconds and thought I couldnt run anymore I would simply slow my run right down. And if I then managed 3 minutes of running regardless of the pace then surely I can do it a few more times.

Besides, you've already admitted to being able to run even when you believed you didnt have the stamina. You overcame that can overcome this one too. And you will :)


If you can do 2 hours zumba, 3 minutes (or 5 or 10... ) of gently jogging is unlikely to stop you! But maybe space the zumba out a bit!

I couldn't do more than 4 of the one minute runs for my first try - four weeks later, tonight I kept going after the end of my second 5 minute run, and ended up doing 10 minutes (and then an extra 5 minute cooldown walk)! (Not so scared of next week's big jump up now.) Woo-hoo! I have never run before in my life (I'm in my early fifties) - hated PE at school, etc etc - and I love running now.

So - freak not, my friend, you can do it! (2 hours of zumba? Sheesh!)


Don't think about it too much, slow is good if it begins too feel too much like hard work. I've just done week two run two at an appropriately sedate pace. I'm 57 and have a degree in couch surfing.

I am determined to get there too, wherever there is....good luck. You can do it.

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Thank you all for your kind words of support and encouragement - I certainly will trawl the site. You guys are motivational - thank you so much ...... Bring on Friday week 2 run 3


I did my first week two jog/run yesterday. There was a lad walking in front of me walking faster than I was jogging! I'm 63 and have signed up for a half marathon in September so I'm hoping I can do this.

The only 'problem' with this is that I have no sense of direction and ended my run two miles from home - thank heavens I have a 'satnav' on my phone to get me home!


I found week 2 really hard yet somehow found week 3 easier. In week 4 I had flu and didn't run for 3 weeks. When I ran again I chose to do 1 run from weeks 1, 2 and 3 before continuing with week 4 fully. Again I found week 2 harder than week 3.

Don't worry about what is coming, trust the programme and keep going. Many times I was tempted to repeat a week as I didn't think I could possibly move up to the next level, but when it came to it I always gave it a try and surprised myself by completing it.

I'm now into week 8 - if I can do it anyone can!

Good luck, keep running and enjoy the challenge. Take it slowly, YOU CAN DO IT.


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