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Back and starting again

Hey all,

I was here last year up until about October and getting along nicely. I have a couple of kindey stone operations in Novemember and took December to recover.

Started yesterday at week 1, which I am happy to admit was a bit easier this time around. As i didnt have any issues I am going to move onto week 2 on Wednesday as its my second time around.

I will continue moving up like that until I have difficulty completeing a week and will then stop for a while as I should and then move on as normal.

Should be interesting.

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Good luck Z, I can't imagine how gutted I'd be if I had such a setback.


well its nt just the learning to run really, I am using this as part of a general getting fitter and losing weight program.

It was annoying but just one of those things you have to get past :)


I did it slightly differently, in that I lost 2.5 stone before deciding that it made me feel so much better in myself that I'd quite like to try to get fit too, hence the programme.

I'm probably just projecting as I had to miss a run yesterday because of a pain I'd developed and was so annoyed it's not true. I should consider myself lucky I've not had to endure what you've bneen through!


Hi Z, this is my fourth time after illness op and other stuff lol so I know you must be determined. Welcome back and wishing you every success. I m going for weight loss too and the longer runs def get that metabolism going but just be sure to eat enough and well as your body needs good fuel and if your deficit is too low you will store instead. Sry if I'm preaching to the converted ;)

Jems x


Jems, well I am using the weight watchers points to help ensure I have the right amount each day, it worked well last year and i lost about 3 stone before my operation. Hoping to continue the weight loss this year.

A quick recap :) In april last year about April I started going to the work gym just to get a littel fitter and was using weight watchers to help with the wieight. While I didnt weigh myself at the proper time i think I was 24 stone at that point. A couple of weeks later while searching for stuff to help, I found couch to 5k.

This was great as it helped me have a goal, the gym was just a bit dull heh. By Oct I was down to just over 19 stone and felt better than i had for ages. I got a little bit depressed during December and have put about a stone back on.

I will get back down again and then lose even more.


Good luck.......


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