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Well Im back after such a long abscence...... Got all way upto week 4 then was struck down with the pesky winter cold , then hubby was ill and then the children were ill. Just as we were getting better we were all struck again before christmas and ended up with the norovirous bug. Throughout it all though I carried on attending weight watchers and since july 2012 I have successfully lost 1 stone 7lb Yipee :-)

Anyway over christmas I decided time to get back to it and started back from wk1 , my reward for doing this was that I maintained during christmas week. I had followed my eating plan but did allow a couple of treats and maybe a bit too much rose wine......

So now Im on week 2 and looking forward to the future

Hope everyone is well

Love Bev

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Welcome back Bev, and well done on sticking to the eating plan, and the weight loss! At least you know you've 'had' everything going around now so should be illness-free for a while!

Best of luck with the re-start. :-)


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