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6 am run yawn!

I've decided that I'm not cut out for early morning running. 6 am is just too early and too dark. Even the street lamps aren't back on along the side streets!

My husband has an all day hospital appointment today so wouldn't be back in time to watch the kids while I go for my usual late afternoon run so I set the alarm for 5:30.

I managed the first 10/11 minutes ok but after a slight uphill section had to slow down for a walk and then it was a case of a couple of minutes running then walking before I forced myself into running for another 5 minutes and then I decided to give up and walk home, something I hate doing.

I think it was a combination of being too early, it was dark, hadn't eaten or drunk enough, it was a different route and I hadn't waited my usual 48 hours between runs.

Fingers crossed next time I try the 25 minute run it will go better!

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Don't worry and don't be disappointed, you made an effort and found out mornings just are not your time to run. Cheers to you for doing it! I am not a morning person at all so I admire all the early morning runners out there. I bet you have a fabulous next run!!!! I hope everything works out fine for your husband! Gayle


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