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I unintentionally Week 2'd

I was meant to do a Week 1 run before going straight onto Week 2, since I've just had to start again. I got outside and found I only had weeks 2, 3 and 4 on my phone - so I just did week 2! It wasn't all that bad, tiring but manageable. I made it through the rest of my dance/stretching stuff just fine afterwards, too.

Back to gymnastics tomorrow - so, so scared of the vault still. I still freak out every time my neck does a loud pop or crack and I cried when they put up a photo of the old vault (the one I fell on, which they've replaced now anyway) on Facebook. I've only been back once since I fell, but I've asked about doing other classes too so maybe I can get over it by over-exposure!

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Good luck for tomorrow - I'm not surprised you're scared - but you can do it, deep breath and enjoy it. And well done on unintentionally jumping to week 2!


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