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8 weeks post ankle sprain - buying an exercise bike - is there a podcast or guide available to using one like the c25k plan?

My question says it all really. 8 weeks post sprain (hurt it on week 6 run 3) my ankle still isnt ok. Im too nervous to run on it. Its been xrayed etc and they havent contacted me so i assume its nothing more sinister.

I really want to get back into doing some exercise so am waiting for my exercise bike to be delivered. I have read that as long as you keep a good resistance and speed it is as effective as running, and alot easier on the joints (which is good as i was getting a lot of hip pain from running)

But, i dont want it to be a fruitless buy... but i dont know how to do it? I wondered about using the c25k podcasts while riding instead - do you think this would work? Does anyone know if there is any specific guidence on using an exercise bike or have knowledge of using one and what i should be aiming for at the start?

I assume my fitness level is still better after 8 weeks of not running but who knows...

I will try running again when the weather is better and ankle totally healed!

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I remember seeing something on audiofuel for cyclists but i don't think it was like c25k, it was more of a training session.


One of my friends swears by the videos from these guys

Good luck!


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