Well, they say you're not a runner till you fall! (B210K complete)

I run on all sorts of surfaces and I tripped while overtaking a couple of walkers on a very bumpy, stoney country road. And gosh did I bleed. Elbow, arm, gammy knee and hand. I actually fell at the 30 minute point when Sam tells you to slow down and walk for 1 minute. But I got up, feeling rather undignified and ran off for another 30 minutes. Did I get some odd looks as I was very very dusty and blood from my hands was dripping down my legs. Mind you, nobody offered any help or anything! Anyway, I'll live.

On a different note only 7.5K in an hour. Disappointed. Better get cuts and grazes sorted. Bfn.


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21 Replies

  • Ouch! But all credit for running on such surfaces - it really makes life much harder (and slower) when you have to watch your step.

    Interesting response though ("I got up, feeling rather undignified and ran off"). My family and in-laws are variously Spanish, French and Italian and on the few occasions that I have seen them take a tumble their reactions have been much less stoic, involving much clucking, tutting and arm-waving from not only those nearby but often swiftly including the inhabitants of any close village or town too. In times when every celebrity metrosexual bursts into tears at the drop of a soufflé it's good to know that the stiff upper lip is alive and well and living in northern Italy. ;-)

  • How interesting. Cross-cultural interaction is part of my specialization. On the way home I popped into the baker's and he thought I should pop into A&E. Now, for goodness sake, I am very sore, but honestly, it's just a bunch of cuts, grazes and tomorrow I foresee bruises. Much as I hate sweeping generalizations, but oh so typical here is to go to A& E for the slightest glitch. As I said, I was covered in dust and dirt so I got lots lof funny looks, but in the end it's no big deal. The big deal is that I am a slow runner :-(

    The other thing is that people are quite shocked that I run on such a gammy knee (a titanium coil once held my tibia and femur together -- now the coil is in pieces) . It's no big deal. Honestly.

  • Yes indeed, I think a true continental would have gone to A and E and acted like a lady out of Downton Abbey for the next couple of weeks. I remember when I was expecting Jessica, who decided she would rather not see the world at 9 months and was much more comfy being transported by mother, I carried on life as normal. We lived in Naples at the time. I was tiny but with a huge tummy and people would stop me in the street and tell me to go home and rest as someone in my condition shouldn't be walking round town. And no, it wasn't 1914, but 1991 :-)

    Not to mention my final labour in 2000. I went in with abook -- Crime and Punishment -- and was reading it as the 21 year old in the bed next to me screamed and writhed in pain and terror (making it hard for me to concentrare on good old Dosty btw) when the midwife told her to shut up as the lady in the next bed (moi) was 5 cm dilated (unlike the young girl) and wasn't saying a word. I guess culture depends on where you were when you were 12. Who knows!

  • Awwch, poor Delia that must have given you a fair jolt and shake up. I'm amazed that you fell almost at the feet of others and they gave no assistance also to see other people while you were running with bloody hands etc and no one asked if you were alright, shame on all those who passed you by, probably so wrapped up in their own world.

    Its a sad state that the world has come to, there was a young man lying in a doorway in Aberdeen for some time, passersby assumed he was drunk or on drugs. That poor young man suffers from diabetes and had slipped into a coma, he did thankfully make a recovery as I heard from a friend of his who by chance spotted him and called an ambulance. The fact that you were running and hurt would have made me ask if all was alright.

    You were very brave to continue after a fall its not just the scrapes and grazes its the shock too that has to be considered. 7.5K in 60 minutes was an amazing distance and time, hope the bruises and grazes heal quickly for you.

  • Thanks OG. You know they don't have germolene or anything similar here, just pure 100% meths, which is what I poured onto the cuts and grazes after the fall. Ouch!

    But yes, I suppose us old girls see how the world has changed. Or maybe it's just us, who knows, but I do have this hazy picture of the UK where the sun always shines, the NHS functions perefctly, Marks and Sparks and public libraries -- to an ex-pat pure heaven!

  • Oh dear you would get a shock Delia. Its raining and foggy here today, no sign of sun :( M&S is more like a poorly run charity shop, don't get me wrong I like to visit a charity shop and I do support them. NHS! well perhaps I should say nothing seeing as this site is part of it! ;) I'm sure the air you breathe is much cleaner than ours and suspect your life style is better too.

  • Well, I like to dream Oldgirl! Yes, the lifestyle is good. We still eat freshly made food together, at table, twice a day and stuff like that, but the levels of stress are amazingly high.

  • Good on you for carrying on, glad no broken bones this time. If it were me I'd probably have done the same and carried on. If I'd been given any attention/sympathy I'd probably burst into tears.

  • I was in a good mood which is probably why I didn't cry! But I do know that feeling well...

  • Oh dear poor you, hope you won't be sore for long. When I fell pride hurt more than my shoulder. As we say onwards and upwards. Pat :-(

  • How true Pat. It is indeed tha pride that's got the real battering hahaha :-)

  • Ah, poor you, Delia. I echo Pat's and OldGirl's comments about the lack of concern from the people around you. How wrapped up in themselves some people are! Hope the cuts and bruises heal soon. Hey, congrats on finshing B210k. I haven't, yet! Still plugging away. It's really warm and muggy here today, did Speed this morning but was flagging in the heat.

    PS Seen Montalbano around lately? :-)

  • Thanks Soozz! Did I tell you I saw Montalbano close up in a bar here a couple of years ago? He is quite handsome! (Understatement)

  • Hope your feeling a bit better tonight with a glass of medicinal vino maybe.

    I know not everyone likes taking painkillers but I've found taking a couple of Ibuprofen at bedtime stops me getting totally stiff the morning after a fall like that. The other thing I discovered recently is that Boots and Savlon do a spray plaster in a small aerosol which is great for grazes and small awkward cuts. The propellant means it stings like blazes when you put it on but I reckon that also helps clean the wound. Not sure if it would be available in Italy.

    One other thought, if you were in an agricultural area and got soil or manure on you, a tetanus booster might be an idea.

  • Oh gosh, I never thought of the tetanus booster. Yes we've got all that stuff but I just had meths in the house when I got home. Stings like the blazes but does the trick! I am a verystiff lady this morning hahaha :-)

  • Ouch! Glad to hear you dusted yourself off and carried on but it must have been a shock all the same. Hope you're not too stiff tomorrow, and glad you've not (I hope) done the arm any damage. Take care (meant warmly, not in an admonitory way!!)

  • Thanks Ned. Yes I am very stiff this morning! As I said to Swan below, I'm going to have a series of scabs, something I haven't seen for half a century!

  • Oh no, sorry to hear about your tumble, Delia. I fell early on in the C25K programme (to get my fall 'over and done with' ;-) ) and like you, I got myself up, dusted myself down and carried on running. I hope you are not too bruised and stiff tomorrow. (((Delia)))

  • Hi Sheila, yes I am very stiff today! The thing is I cut my left elbow. This means every time I bend my arm it bleeds damn it! But, as I said, I'll live :-) Looking forward to the scabs -- haven't had any of them in half a century!

  • Well despite the war wounds you did it and should be so proud of yourself. You will have the scars to prove it I guess.

    take care.

    I managed a 10.5km this week but still very slow.

  • Brilliant Burstcouch, brilliant :-)

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