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X trainer wk2 r3

Finished week 2 on the x trainer. Did 2.99 miles really pleased with that. Got to say have a bit of trepidation about wk3 because I'm back at work on Monday and I stand a lot. So I'm worried that I might not have the energy after work . Can't do it before with my knee stretches then the cool down stretches takes about an hour. Oh we'll will see what happens as they say slow and steady wins the race. Keep up the good work everyone.x

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Well done for completing week 2. Don't worry if you don't feel up to it on Monday. Take an extra rest day if you have to - that'll allow your knees a bit of extra time to recover and it won't affect your progress much. In fact, if it means you don't get an injury then that's all to the good. I took longer than 9 weeks to complete the programme and loads of others on here do too. Take care. :)


Reading about graduates on here, and reading about post-olympics athletes has made me rethink why I'm doing this (did I put myself in the same sentence as olympic athletes? ha ha ha! :o ). Is the target getting to the end, or is it to enjoy the ride and get fit in the process? The happiest people seem to be the ones that don't just aim for the medals, but make sure they get as much as they can out of everything along the way (not always easy though!) Slow and steady rules! :)


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