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I'm new to this whole running malarkey but I'm going to give it a go, mostly as I am now considered morbidly obese and I need to shift some visceral fat (though I am aware that as exercise goes, running isn't the best for this, but should help) and I could do with some 'me' time.

However, as a total newbie to running, I am aware that footwear is important. I have wide feet, a women's size 8. I could never work out if I was an overpronator or not, so I don't know about that.

Any advice on shoes that are good and solid for an overweight runner?


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Welcome to our community. It is the best action that you can take to improve your fitness and health.

Some advice on running shoes: don't rush out and buy anything just yet. The first few weeks of C25K will get you doing some very gentle walk/runs (actually more walking than running). I don't think that you will need running shoes just yet. Give it a few weeks until you are comfortable running.

When you are ready to buy some shoes, post here and ask about 'Gait Analysis'. We'll 100% recommend a specialist, independent running store, rather than one of the retail park warehouse stores.

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Gait analysis will involve running on a treadmill in the store (ie, in public). You'll want to have a few weeks of C25K under your belt before taking that step.


I agree - at the moment I can tell your mind is all "I'm so heavy I need really solid shoes with thick cushioned soles" and that might not be what you need at all. It strikes me that it is likely to encourage you to slam your weight down and pelt along rather than focusing on a light running motion that is sustainable and safer.

Another thing to bear in mind is that if (and I recommend this if you have the option, especially if you're imposing (for now anyway) additional load on your joints) you stick to offroad running and buy trail shoes, gait analysis does not inform the recommendation.

I didn't have so much as a pair of trainers when I started (obese) so I did half the programme in walking boots. I am so glad that purely by chance as I was searching for running shoes that were a bit more ethical than most (the industry having a disgraceful record) I ended up with minimalist shoes. I've stuck with that style. (And I have wide feet and a size 8)


Hi there! Well done on deciding to give it a go. I'm pretty new too, but I've read posts on here about going to a proper running store or good sporting goods store and having a gait analysis done. A professional will be able to suit your gait to the proper shoe. It might be a good idea. I'm obsese, too, and my early weeks I had pretty bad knee and shin pain. Luckily I'm now gaining strength and it has subsided (for now). Anyway, good luck with your running, and keep posting on here, everyone is very welcoming. 😊

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I started C25k at 17 stone and had never done any running before. I walked regularly ( with my lovely dog Penny) and often clocked 10000 steps, but there was no speed in my walks.

I started the program in a pair of £7 tesco trainers. It took me until week 5 of the program ( which in real time took me 10 weeks) to commit to a pair of 'proper' running shoes. Had gait analysis done at 'he runs, she runs' - they were fab. Totally supportive, understanding and knew what they were talking about. A little niggle in my ankle and slight pain in my ankle disappeared when I got my trainers.

Was 'advised' by a nurse that running wasn't for me - my next run is w9r2! 2 more runs and I've managed it!!!

My advice is just do it ( okay that's Nike, but I feel the same!!!) It takes as long as it takes, the first weeks are hard - especially from a place if no fitness, but the program works!

Good luck and keep posting xxx


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