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I was running faster - but not so you'd notice, unless you saw that pink faced person staggering past you - but I surprised even myself

Gave myself a 5 day break after graduating just before New Year. So this afternoon I set off full of beans, admittedly mainly the ones I had on toast this morning. I decided to set off just a little bit faster having warmed up loads. By ten minutes in this felt like such a big mistake. Every bit of me was complaining to the mad person in charge of my brain.

When it came to a hill ( small cough, well maybe more of a gentle slope ) I couldn't look up but only at the couple of metres in front of me because otherwise it was just too discouraging.

I ran on for a couple of minutes extra at the end - mainly out of tidy mindedness as it brought me back to a loop a few streets away.

And i've just mapped my run online roughly 4.97k!!!! I'm utterly staggered. And utterly shattered. My legs feel like jelly - or is that steak that's been tenderised. You could fry an egg on my face, or at least warm your hands.

But I'm almost within touching distance of 5k.

I'm wondering if setting off at a slighly higher pace was the trick - but god knows how I'll be able to do this again on Monday.

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LOL! Well done - you're nearly there! Just a little push and you'll have conquered the great 5K! And you get the bonus of having a fried egg to go with your beans!

And you will be able to do it on Monday - in fact, you'll do better. Can't wait to hear the update!

V xx


Wow parkbirdy you're nearly there!! 5km is within your grasp!! Keep going you can do it. :-)


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