ok, so last week I graduated as Laura said, ie I ran for 30 minutes (actually longer). however, as the title of the course says 5k and I had run just under. So, 5k is what I aimed for this weekend, and did it yesterday, in just under 44 minutes. still amazed this is how far I've come. the next challenge is to up the pace a little, then head for 10k local run next summer.

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  • Well done you Karen

  • Well done Karen you are inspiring me to keep going only on 3.5k in 30mins but il get there!!😊 1 more run to graduation😊Phyllis

  • Keep going Phyllis, doesn't matter how slow we are, it's great exercise and we'll done getting this far 😀

  • You right Karen we are wee stars🌟🌟🌟 il get to that 5k one day😀😀x

  • Thirty minutes of running is an astonishing achievement when you think about it, especially as most of us really have come no minutes and watching telly! Well done!

  • You right there that describes me exactly before this programme!! So glad I started it! This forum is amazing such great support😊x

  • Well done! That's brilliant! I graduated not having managed 5k but going out this morning with my husband running our local Parkrun route to see if I can extend my time and distance a bit and maybe, just maybe, manage 5k. I've been promised brunch in the rather nice cafe there if I do it...

  • nice incentive! good luck, once you've done it you'll never look back :)

  • by the way, how did you get graduate beside your name? I want it too!

  • I messaged admin at this link and ping! My shiny badge appeared!

  • great thanks, funny how the little things like this make it worth it :)

  • It's amazing the power of the incentive of a full English!