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First time

Started yesterday, I have a treadmill that I intend to use until such time as my balance is good enough to deal with uneven surfaces. ( see profile)

Speed not great but constant, my fitness level is good but I'm held back by my lack of sensitivity in my legs and feet.

Wk1r1 done with no problem taking into consideration the above, so I'm looking forward to the next.


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Well done you for getting started, the treadmill is a great idea as you can hold on as and when you like - I quite often hold on when I'm treadmilling, I find if I try to watch what's going on round about my brain doesn't cope with the contrast between my running feet and the non-moving background. Interestingly this is less of a problem when I go faster, so you could try different speeds and see what's best for you.

Of course speed doesn't matter at all at the beginning, it's stamina that you want to build up during the programme and from what you say you should manage this okay. Exercises like these are good too:

- and don't forget your stretches!

Happy running and let us know how you get on! :-)


Great that you've started - that's all it takes and as you progress you'll find out whether you're capable of longer, faster, outside etc. Or not. It doesn't matter if you ever only run on a treadmill - the important thing is to do it. I shall look forward to your updates.


If your aim was to join in a race, then speed might matter, but if it's just for fitness, it really doesn't matter what speed your going at, as long as it's pushing your heart-rate up a bit.

Funny really - I've never tried a treadmill because I'm afraid of falling off (or looking daft!), but have no trouble with balance running outside - though I can see it would be different with limited sensation. I suppose once you've got used to the treadmill, it is totally predictable, but the idea of them doesn't appeal to my legs at all!

Enjoy! And welcome to the c25k community!


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