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First Run, first time - eek!

My planned day is tomorrow - 1st June and am really nervous about getting started and fitting it into job/children/their activities/home.... I have to do this though for me and my health.

I just wanted to say that reading all your comments are very motivational and I'm so glad I found this site. The knowledge that people are going through the same thing as me is amazing and will keep me going over the next 9 weeks.... and beyond.

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It sounds like you could do with half a hour to yourself and that's all the time you need to do this programme, once you've made that first step I'm sure you'll be hooked like the rest of us, good luck with your first run and don't forget to let us know how you got on, Ally x


Hi Ally-d, Thanks for your comments, they are exactly right. In a strange way I think I'm looking forward to it


Hi Littlehelper, know exactly what you mean. I run very early doors before work to fit it in around work and family etc. I was never a morning person but have so grown to love that time to myself. Sunday mornings are the best. Not another soul around, just you, laura and is amazing. So much so I am waiting to do my graduation run on Sunday morning.

You can do it, trust in the programme, it is amazing.

Let us know how you get on.


Hi sheffkezz. Wow thats amazing - congrats! Thanks for the advice - think I'll try it


Hi Littlehelper, I did my first run today, I was dubious but felt amazing afterwards, so look forward to it and some me time too :-)


Hi spookydel. I think I am looking forward to the start - I've always struggled with the me time bit but this programme gives me purpose. :)


I too needed to start exercising and due to an operation really did start from the couch (signed off work for 6 week post op).

I am on week 8 although it has taken me probably 12 weeks to get here.

This place is great for support.

Good luck


Hi TeaAye. Im really pleased that you left your comments. I hope that your recouperation goes well. After this mornings start I did feel good to be doing something positive. Already I feel different - or is that my aching muscles?


Hi all. I did it... Went out early this morning, and even the geese were spurring me on. Well ok actually they were hissing at me to stay away but even so.

I do like the early morning - amazing!


Well done! I completed my first run this morning too. Am bursting with a feeling of achievement at the moment, I hope you are too!


hi jillie100 I've already sensed a change in my outlook and a sense of positivity is taking over... Do you feel the same?

My second run is tomorrow and then it's starts getting complicated due to my being back at work after half term holidays with the children.

I was starting to get into my 'doubting' mind-set about that second run but the positivity is enabling me to overcome the doubts and going for it - I've got to ....

All the best for your second run too.


Wel done! You've taken that first step, so now you can keep going. I did my second run today with the drizzly rain in my face, but oh I'm so glad I did it!

Isn't it nice to be out and away from the kids' chaos, even for half an hour?

K x


Hi Kreesh, taking the time to do something positive for myself after putting the kids first after a long time is really great. The best part - no interuptions for a whole 30 mins! The kids are being really supportive though which is nice.

My second run is tomorrow and like I mentioned to jillie100 above it starts to get complicated. But I'm not giving up.

I think I might invest in a cagoul/raincoat to run in - do you use one of those? After all this is England, in June and it's bound to rain again and again and again.... :)


Hi Littlehelper, how's it going? I hope you have managed to arrange some time for yourself to get some more runs done. My kids have now left home, so that makes finding the time much more easy, but on the other hand I'm now 57! I wish I had managed to prioritize some time to do this when they were small! Hope you have managed to get out.


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