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Still going....strong...ish!

Managed to drrrraaaagggg myself out of bed this morning to go for a run before work. Hurrah for me! W1 R3 completed.

The bit I felt most pleased with was finally finding some leggings that didn't fall down as I run. It's so undignified hoisting your trousers up as you go!

I'm a bit scared of week 2... Just running for 60 seconds at a time wasn't too bad- I like my comfort zone! But I also like the idea of fewer runs as it's the last 1 or 2 that I've not been so keen on.

Me and my achey bits are looking forward to my rest day tomorrow but i don't ache as much as I did earlier in the week.


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Yey well done! Try not to worry about week 2, but remember slow and steady wins the race, much easier if you go slow, and Laura always usually comes on at just the right time when you are about to give up and says you can do it! Good luck!


Keep going. Don't think about it too much. This is my motto.

Have you seen the video on the Parkbirdy blog? Amazing and inspirational. Good luck with your next run. I'm just behind you on week one run two.


Keep going - you've done the hardest part i.e. starting! Take it steady and you will get there :)


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