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1st run since Dec12th, nye on killed me but I did it!! Stroll on!!!

Well after all of the enthusiasm on here I decided tat enough was enough and I need to get my backside into gear and get out there running.

I have seamed to have lost my way a little with running since I injured my leg back in late October, I tried to run but mad it worse to the point I could not run. Since then I have rested and my leg is better, but with work, weather, life, family, Christmas food beer wine etc I haven't run since dec12th and that was only week 6 run once a week.

Anyway it's the new year and I really must get back on the running wagon. This morning I ran week 4 and it nearly killed me but I flipping did it, and what's more I enjoyed it. I have lost my fitness and stamina but I will soon build back up. My aim is to be back running 5k 3 times per week by mid feb to do a park run, oh and lose the 8lb and several inches i have put on since October lol.

So a huge Thank you to all of your blogs. I will try and run at least 3 times per week now and will keep you up to date with my progress

Thank you and happy running


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Hey James well done you!! Its not easy after a break but you did it so feel proud! You have a goal now too so thats great to aim for. Best of luck!



Thanks sue,


You'll get there, James - I look forward to reading your blogs as you progress. I think most of us have blips, and Christmas has certainly been a major blip for me :) but like you, I am back out there and determined to get back to where I was. Happy running to you too,



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