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I do like a bargain

I was browsing in my local charity shop today and spotted a brand new/tags still attached New Balance running cap, which I bought for £1. It's summer weight, which suits me fine and fits a lot better than the winter one my hubby bought me (won't tell him that though).

Also on the subject of penny pinching, my new trail shoes arrived today, (Karrimor, £28 from Sports Direct) they fit very comfortably, I've been wearing them in the house all afternoon, they have quite high arches, which I need.

So now I've got no excuses for the mud bath that is my local Parkrun, it'll just be a shame to get mud all over their lovely pinkness.

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Bargain indeed BettyJane!! I am waiting for some new waterproof trail shoes to be delivered; they have the obligatory pink/purple on them too!! I do love the sales.... Sue


SALES! I love bargains too!!!!! :-) In fact, I'm feeling somewhat in the shopping mood today. I already suggested a quick run over to our shopping mall...Steve ran out the door with some excuse of going back to work. :-) The running cap sounds great and the shoes sound lovely! Such a shame they will gain muddiness, guess its a sign of you being a real runner. Gayle


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