Am I a vehicle?

Am I a vehicle?

The plan today was to run on the local parkrun track in order to familiarise with it. Unfortunately it was way too muddy therefore I quickly drafted a plan B and ran on a variation of my usual training road.

When I got out it was windy and pouring rain, which suited me as it meant there were fewer people out on *my* pavement ( :P ), despite the early time.

The run itself was fine; I recorded a new PB on 5km (30:12) and I almost reached the 6km mark.

Anyway the funny thing is that, apparently, now I've become fast enough to trigger those LED panels which indicate to drivers how fast they are going... O_O

Luckily though, at 5.5 miles per hour I am not at risk of getting a ticket for speeding. :D

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  • Brilliant! Made me laugh!

  • You are doing brillianty since graduation Secan.. distance and time pace looking brilliant..  I am really looking forward to the day I can run like this.. managing 3 k on my 20 mins so far.. 

    How do you feel now while running? Is it any easier or still a big struggle?   Want to get to 5k and be able to do this without too much pain.. good couple of months work first I reckon?  You seem to be that amount of time ahead of me.. :)

  • I graduated less than a month ago and pretty much every run since has been at least 5k. Some were almost easy, some were tougher (probably too much food and drink the day before). I'm not as fast as young Secan, but can manage a 5k in 34 mins. 

    You're doing really well on the programme and I don't think you'll have any problems reaching 5k on or just after graduation. 

    Every run has its struggles, normally the first 10 minutes. But we do get stronger and it's great fun!

    Good luck! We're here rooting for you!

  • For that "young secan", I will love you forever. :)

  • This has heartened me...since Graduation too, I am running on average most runs, at least 5K...sometimes a bit more and around 30- to 35/36 mins...but have speeded up a tad...Friday's run was further, 6.2K and took me 40 mins...not many hills...I don't feel that old now... :) Thanks! Hope for me yet!

  • You're not old, Oldfloss! And you're faster than me (but that really isn't difficult). But we both know the main thing is to enjoy!

  • Weeelll.. maybe faster, but only on flat bits.. downhill or with a tail wind...tee hee...Enjoyment is the thing :)

  • Thanks jaysee :) I have registered for run for life early July and am hoping to run it and enjoy it.. see.s like with the hard work required and the time scale..hopefully I can achieve this x

  • Course you can! July is ages away - you'll wish it was a 10 k by then!

  • Hi Sparky.

    You are right on track; if you are doing 3km in 20min, you'll likely do 4.5km when you run for 30min. From there to 5km it's just a matter of one week or two. ;)

    For what concerns my runs, as you know every run is different and once in a while I still have a run where I  have to push myself quite hard to get to the end.

    At this point in my journey, I've learned to recognise what kind of run I am going to have within the first kilometre or so. Until now, all I could do was acknowledge that but now I am (very) slowly learning to fine-tune my run "on the go". In order to do it, since graduation I've been running without music or training feedback (distance, pace, etc.) and I concentrated solely on my body and its movement.

    I haven't trained specifically for speed or distance, the results in those areas are a consequence of the work I am trying to do on "self-awareness".

    Sorry, I know it must sound quite boring to read... :P

  • Not boring at all Secan.. very helpful.. I am also trying to improve on my running posture..was getting it really under management come my week 5 run 3' but then that fall set me back and I find my head is down too much now which impacts on my back.. So focusing on getting that right again.. .. 

    I'm not particularly training for distance either.create5k was my chosen extra fitness choice to further my lifestyle changes which have been massive to me over the past two years.. gave up smoking and sitting around.. lost three stone and eat very well.. So this is an added bonus of the journey.. . Good on you and long may you enjoy :)

  • Absolutely brilliant. You do make me chuckle 😄😄 x

  • Love the idea of you triggering the speed boards! 😂

  • I only hope they are triggered by speed and not by weight... 

  • You lost me at "too muddy".

  • I'm heavy (94kg) and with relatively small feet (size 7); on very muddy ground I literally sink... :(

  • Momentum. 

  • P.S. Thanks for the hints on callisthenics; you made me discover an entire new world ;)

  • That's what all the nice girls say... No, wait... 

  • Brilliant!  Congratulations on the personal best.  You may not get a ticket for speeding but you're in trouble if they give them out for awesomeness :D

  • Speedy.... :)

  • ... Gonzalez :P

  • Lol. Love it!!😆

  • Well done Secan ! Ha ha , I enjoyed reading that :-) xxx

  • So funny! *my* pavement. I have *my* treadmill! 😀😀😀

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