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Eeeeeeeeeeek I'm off again !!!

Having not run at all since finishing Week 9 R3 on Christmas eve ,

(it seemed perfectly reasonable at the time ) I am about to go out for the first run of the new why have I got the niggling doubts about whether I'm still going to be able to run for 30 mins?? I really DO feel nervous about it , but I want to do it . I know that before I started couch25K , that a lot of my problem was in my head, and because I haven't been out for over a week , i'm afraid that i will have lost all that stamina and belief. Oh well , If I make it i'll blog again later ,.................actually if I don't i'll blog again later too :-)

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You can do it, kazzers, we know you can! I hope it goes well for you :)


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